M.Sc after B.Tech – Is it possible ? Universities

Can I do M.Sc after B.Tech ? From which Universities is it possible ?

For the last few years, B.Tech has lost its sheen as far as job is concerned. A lot no. of B.Tech candidates are unemployed. The main reason is that the Shops that offer B.Tech, MBA can be found at every nook and corner. They have either started a businesses or adopted teaching jobs. For both the fields experience is must. Besides, for the latter, eligibility is necessary. That’s why the B.Tech students who are in teaching jobs, are always in constant search of M.Sc to be eligible for the field.

Answer to your query – ( M.Sc after B.Tech. )

We have done a lot of search to find the answer. We read a lot of articles. We consulted a no. of educationists. Here we have found an answer and that is ‘ yes ‘. However, it shall not be in private mode. This shall be a regular course.

You can do M.Sc or PhD. There are various universities that offer M.Sc after B.Tech. But here the  interested candidates will have to clear some tests. The nature of entrance tests will depend on the nature of the university. The main tests are – GATE or NET. Another test is IISC for Integrated Test.

Most of the Universities offer M.Sc after B.Tech –

The universities are – Delhi University, Anna University, Calcutta University, Madras University etc. You can fill your online form during the admission time. Besides you must have 55% marks in the graduation to be eligible. So be alert during the exam time.

Remember that B.Tech is not a complete degree to teach anywhere – school or college. In private institutes, the B.Tech candidates can get job. However, to be a regular part of teaching line, they will have to complete their qualifying education ( M.Sc/ M.Tech/ B.Ed /PhD ). In addition to the schools/ colleges, these B.Tech candidates can provide their services at the coaching institutes which render coaching for Engineering, Medical Admissions etc

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  1. After B.tech of Mechanical engineering I want to pursue MSc With Mathematics.Which University offers this course


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