How Can I become Cricket Commentator? Suggestions, Tips

Cricket is a passion in our country. Every body is willing to be a cricketer like Tendulakar, Kohli, Dhoni. But there is a big group of youngsters who wish to follow their dreams as cricket commentators.

They have their eyes on Tony Greig, Sunil Gavaskar, VVS Luxman, Sanjay Manjerakar and others more cricketers who are playing their second innings as commentators after their main career as cricketers.

How Can I become Cricket Commentator

We also have another string of commentators who haven’t played cricket in their life by doing good as commentators. This group is led by Harsha Bhogle who had done his Master’s from Indian Institute of Management.

Educationally he should have been in some corporate sector but he chose other quite different. He didn’t play cricket at national and international level. But he became Cricket commentator of first merit and got fame at international level.

So read the solution of your each and every query related with your career as cricket commentator –

1. Complete knowledge of the Game –

The first requirement is to possess the the complete knowledge of cricket. The knowledge must include the technicalities of the game. You must know about some technical terms related with cricket.

We also get a no of visitors at our website with the following queries –

  • Sir, can I become a cricket commentator though I haven’t played any formal cricket in my life?
  • Sir tell me how I can become cricket commentator ?
  • What are requirements of becoming Cricket commentators ?

2. Complete hold over Language –

You can become commentator of Hindi or English language depending upon your efficiency in the language. You must be aware with the cricket jargon. It may be flowery decorated with phrases and idioms. So language proficiency with main focus on speaking is one the first requirements for becoming cricket commentators.

You can enhance your English Speaking Skills from here.

These two things are required by you to fulfill your dream as a cricket commentator. But it is also our duty to warn you that it is not a cat walk to get this job. There is the cut-throat competition among the youngsters to for becoming commentators.

So you must also have other options if you don’t get success here. You can also become sports journalist, critic, sports blogger etc.

How can you groom yourself to be a successful cricket commentator ? – Some Tips

1. Listen Cricket commentary as much as possible – It shall help you getting to know all the technical terms without actually playing this game. You can check the tone and way of speaking of your favorite commentators. You can also enhance your speaking skills by giving your own commentary by muting the TV commentary.

2. Read Sports related material – Read cricket related material from the sports journals, newspapers etc. You will get related vocabulary and good information necessary for impressive commentary.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Hello sir I want to become a Hindi cricket commentator.,

    how can I apply for make a commentators of cricket in Hindi?

  2. Hlo sir I want to become a Bengali cricket commentator.

  3. how can i apply for commentators in Hindi?

  4. Dear Sir,
    I am local cricket commentator, I want to grab opportunity for commentator on national & international level.
    What are measure I have to take ?

  5. Can I apply for Cricket Commentator job after B.Sc/M.Sc either in Mathematics Economics Statistics and Computer Science????

  6. Sir
    I have More knowledge about Cricket and I am Excellent Commentater in my district from 5 years experience.
    English & urdu

  7. Sir i want represent as comentator in cricket

  8. Sir i am afghan refugee live in bannu city pak.i pass the FSc exam. I am English, urdu, and pashto to I apply afghan cricket board to select me in commentary.

  9. Sir I am so devoted to cricket.I have been so interested in commentary .Thus I have been watching cricket when I was 4 years old.My inspirations are Ravi shastri,Sanjay manjurekar,Mickey arthedon and many more so just help me with my proceedings

  10. I am study in Atmiya College at Rajkot . I am very well speak Hindi Commentary.

  11. Sir how can i apply for that. I have tremendous. Knowledge of cricket,good voice,excellent speaking skills. But how can I apply for commentators job???


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