Sequence of sentences for Competitive Exams like HSSC, SSC, IBPS

Read Sentence Order ( sequence ) for Upcoming Exams such as Banks/ HSSC/SSC etc.

1. S1 :  A bond had long been stopped

S6 : of this bond had not been understood.

P : as both were at their worst in the

Q : same areas and seasons, but the nature

R : between the great measures of mosquitoes

S : and the occurrence of malaria

( a) SPRQ               (b) RSPQ               (c) PSQR               (d) QSPR

2. S1 : Science does not only add new truths

S6 : men’s thinking and their lives.

P : destroy some old truths and

Q : discovers new truths that

R : thereby upsets the way of

S : to old ones, it also

(a) QSRP               (b)PSQR              (c) RPSQ  (d) SQPR

3. S1 : A successful feature of this century has been

S6 : has meant greater political power.

P : living conditions of the

Q : the improvement of the income and

R : greater security and education which

S : working man leading to

(a)RSPQ               (b) PSQR       (c) QPSR               (d) SRQP

4. S1 : Hobbies can fill our spare

S2 : do not hide regular work.

P : physical tiredness and

Q : moments with enjoyment

R : and joy, they also relieve

S : mental tiredness and

(a) RQPS               (b) QRSP               (c) PQSR         (d) SQPR

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5. S1 : Moisture is continuously lost

S6 : lifeless complexion.

P : and as result of the stresses

Q : as part of a natural process

R : and strains of daily life

S : leading to a dull, dry and

(a) QPRS             (b) PRSQ               (c) RSQP               (d) SQPR

6. S1 : Sleep is the only natural relief that repairs the body.

S6 : Sleep and upward mobility make for incompatible bedfellows.

P : The continuous ringing of mobile phones, the clamour of multiple TV sets, late night parties and the Internet are all par for the course in average urban households.

Q : At work, the mad race against time means we are working longer hours.

R : At home, our lives are no less hard working.

S : But in today’s fast- paced world, sleep is the one side that is compromised the most.

Which one of the following sequences is correct?

(a) SRQP                (b) PQRS               (c) SQRP             (d) PRQS

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