Use of Compound Sentences with Examples

Here we shall combine simple sentences to make a compound sentence – It contains a co-ordinate clause or more than one main clause ( part )  – Imp/ Useful links on this page

Combining sentences using as well as, either….or, neither……nor, not only…..but also etc.

Ram is hard working. He is honest also.

Ram is not only hard working but also honest.

Kinjal is beautiful. She is intelligent also.

Kinjal is not only beautiful but also intelligent.

Use of for, so etc :-

Rudra works hard. He will get scholarship.

Rudra works hard, so he will get scholarship.

Use of But, Yet, While, Whereas etc. :-

Jansie is a poor person. She is honest.

Jansie is a poor person but honest.

Krishan did not work hard. He stood first in the class.

Krishan did not work hard yet he stood first in the class.

Ram is playing cricket. His brother is studying.

Ram is playing cricket, whereas, his brother is studying.

Sentence using simple sentences –

Use of Else, Or, Nor, Otherwise etc. :-

Walk fast. You will miss the train.

Walk fast or you will miss the train.

Walk slowly. You will fall down.

Walk slowly otherwise you will fall down.

He may not take tea. He may not take coffee.

He may take neither tea nor coffee.

They may take juice. They may take biscuits.

They may take  either juice or biscuits.

Use of However :-

He is sick. He will come to school.

He is sick, however, he will come to school.

Use of Therefore :-

She did not work hard. She will fail.

She did not work hard, therefore, she will fail.

Use of Both……..and :-

He will take tea. He will take biscuits.

He will take both tea and biscuits.

Use of Still :-

He worked hard. He failed in the exam.

He worked hard, still, he failed in the exam.

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