My First Day in New School – A Short Report for 9th,10th, 11th,12th

Read a Short/ brief report – First Day in a New School for classes – 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th classes

My First Day in New School

A Report

After my 10th class from one school, I had to go to some new school. In a way, it was the beginning of new phase of life for me, full of excitements and joys. I preferred to go to XYZ Sr Secondary School as my most of the friends were studying there. I was quite nervous about this new entry. Two things were new – School and people there.

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I was hilarious too. Today I was in Sr Secondary wing.  Also I had my new stream. First of all I had introductions with my new friends. With my new and old friends I took a round of the new building. It was quite nice.

It had 2 beautiful gardens and a big playground. The school was attached with college. The biggest attraction was the canteens within the building. Labs – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Music, Computer, Home Science, English etc all were wonderful.

A Report on ” My first Day in a New School “

It was the prayer assembly time. We were made to stand in straight queues. The prayer began. It was very melodious. The music teacher and the prayer singers were using musical instruments. There were the chanting of Om and the Gayatry Mantra. The ambience had become peaceful and pious. We all were lost. After the assembly, we were taken to our respective rooms.

Periods began. Great excitement were there – New Subjects and New Teachers. Introductions were the part of each period. Teachers and their style of teaching were superb. Then came the recess period.

We rushed to the school canteen and ate what we liked. Again a couple of periods and then off. It was the scene of my first day in my new school. Really, it was quite memorable.

By :-

Kinjal Gupta

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