Simple English Sentences – Must be used in Primary Classes

To improve the level of teaching at Primary Levels and High Levels, it is necessary for the teachers to use Spoken English in the class-rooms. These simple English Sentences can be related with class-room activities, etiquette etc. Here the purpose is to teach the students useful sentences of English Language while doing class work. These are the sentences teachers must use in the class-room. They must not use their Hindi version.

We are providing you some simple sentences teachers can use while in the class room.

General sentence to be used in class rooms.

1. Come /come here- आओ /यहाँ आओ ।

2. Come in- अंदर आओ ।

3. Stop talking- बोलना बंद करो ।

4. Sit down- बैठ जाओ ।

5. Get up -उठ जाओ ।

6. Listen to me – मेरी बात सुनो ।

7. Look at the board- बोर्ड की तरफ देखो।

8. Do not talk with each other- एक दोसरे से बात मत करो।

9. Open the book- किताब खोलो।

10. Close the book – किताब बंद कर दो।

11. Do your own work – अपना खुद का काम करो।

12. Bring your own note-book – अपनी नोटबुक लेकर आओ।

13. Go to your seat – अपनी सीट पर जाओ।

14. Read your own book – अपनी अपनी किताब पढ़ो।

15. Do not laugh – मत हंसो।

16. Switch on the fan – पंखा चला दो।

17. Switch off the fan – पंखा बंद कर दो।

Useful English Sentences to be used in the Class-room/ school

18. Open the door – दरवाजा खोल दो।

19. Close the door – दरवाजा बंद कर दो।

20. I will punish you- मैं तुम्हे punish करूंगी।

21. What’s your name ? –  तुम्हारा नाम क्या हैं ?

22. How are you ?/ How do you do ? –  तुम कैसे हो ?

23. Don’t torn pages – पेज मत फाड़ो।

24. Don’t look outside – बाहर मत देखो।

25. Take care – ध्यान से।

Learn Complete English Grammar

According to us, these English sentences must be the part of daily teaching. Such practice will certainly enhance the influence the teaching and learning skills in the class-room at the lower primary and upper primary levels. Teachers must add more and more sentences of use as per the situation. Welcome for any of the suggestions.


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