Pick The Odd One Out From The Given Sentences

Learn how to pick out odd one out – Answer is being provided after each and every question – These sentences are very important for the examinees – Useful links for the candidates

Choose the odd one out from the given sentences –

* In, On, By, Is

Answer – Is. the others being prepositions

* Off, Of, By, Rahul

Answer – Rahul, the others being prepositions ( This is a proper noun )

* For, In to, Within, Has

Answer – Has, the others being prepositions

* Get, After, Besides, With

Answer – Get ( This is a verb )

* Once, Twice, Thrice, Student

Answer – Student ( This is a noun )

* Go, Got, Goes, Comes

Answer – Got ( This is either 2nd Form or 3rd Form )

* Rudra, Kinjal, He, Ram

Answer – He ( This is a pronoun )

* Knew, Came, Threw, Known

Answer – Known ( This is a 3rd Form of verb )

*Class, Army, Team, John

Answer – John ( This is a proper noun )

* Few, Fewer, Little, Many

Answer – Little ( Little is used with uncountable noun )

* Road, Had, Lead, Complete

Answer – Road ( This is a noun )

* Walk, Train, Home, Umbrella

Answer – Walk ( This is a verb )

* Bike, Cycle, Car, Drive

Answer – Drive ( This is a verb )

* Week, Weak, Month, Year

Answer – Weak ( This is an adjective )

* Question, Answer, Story, Reply

Answer – Story ( This is a noun. Rest of the words are verbs. )

* Bad, Nice, Good, Man

Answer – Man ( This is a noun. Rest of the words are adjectives )

* On, Fan, Cooler, A.C.

Answer – On ( This is a preposition. Fan, Cooler and A.C. are nouns.)

* Flower, Tree, Thorn, Stem

Answer – Flower ( This is both a noun and a verb. Rest of the words are nouns.)

* Lie, Truth, Noise, Vice

Answer – Lie ( This is both a noun and verb. Rest of the words are nouns )

If you find any mistake in any of the sentences, our team requests you to inform us about the mistake. We shall certainly correct that mistake. Best of luck for your upcoming exams.

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