English Practice Set – 4 for Clerk , Officer exams

After publishing English Practice set 1, 2 and 3, we are going to publish Practice Set 3 for Competitive English for all exams. It is necessary for the examinees to cover as many paper as possible before taking to any exam whether clerical level or officer level. It will certainly enhance your confidence for the concerned exam and also you will be acquainted with the nature of questions that may appear in the exams. So get ready to do English Subject Practice Set – 4.

You can download three Practice Sets from the following links –

English Practice Set – 1

Prepare English Practice Set – 2

English Practice Set – 3

Improve the following sentences

Q.1. The Three Musketeers have been written by Dumas.

Q.2. I could not help but laugh.

Q. 3. Is there any place for me to sit ?

Q. 4. The members of his family are coming by this bus.

Q. 5. His father is ill for two months.

Fill in the blanks with suitable options –

Q. 6. I can’t make both ends ———–on my small salary ( meet / join )

Q. 7. Your manners ———-you. ( Speak of / up )

8. The reward is a ————of her service to mankind. ( recognition / memorial )

9. They have ————up the deficit ( pulled / made )

10. Planets move in elliptical ————-round the sun. ( orbits /circles )

One Word Substitution –

11. A person who is a great lover of his country –

12. Murder of a king

13. An imaginary name assumed by an author for disguise

14. One new to anything –

15. A decision made by voting –

Common Errors –

16. The vehicle is stopped by the policemen contained a number of smuggled watches.

17. She says that she will take her umbrella in case it will rain.

18. If you had not come in time, the child would have taken by the dacoits.

19. Looking into the situation that prevailed a few years ago she was taken that decision.

20. I could not recall what he had told me about her concern with Rudra.

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Solution –

1. has been 2. laughing 3. space 4. correct 5. has been 6. meet 7. Speak of 8. recognition 9. made 10. orbits 11. Patriot 12. Regicide 13. Pseudonym 14. Tyro 15. Plebiscite 16. The vehicle stopped 17. it rains 18. have been 19. she took 20. had told

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