Cloze Test – How to do practice for Cloze Test ?

Cloze Test is one of newly added topics in Competitive English. Students find is hard to do this topic due to lack of practice. First of all it is important to know what Cloze Test is.

It is a test that aims to evaluated a candidate’s knowledge of comprehension with regard to grammar, usage and vocabulary.

The examinees are expected to choose the right option out of four for filling in blanks in the given passage. The numbers are put in the blanks and the examinees are the choose the answer from the same no question given ahead.

In order to do Cloze Test the candidates need to read the whole passage clearly. He must try to grasp it as much as possible. Then he must try to solve it. The most depends upon the practice.

Below we are providing some Paragraphs for the Cloze Test Practice. So check them.

Cloze Test Passage No -1

Louis Washkansky was a fifty-six year old South—–1——. He had a —–2——heart. He  could not be cured. So the —–3——decided to give him a new——4——-. A team of South African doctors led by Dr Christian Barnard was —–

5——. Soon afterwards, Denise Darvall, a woman of twenty five, was —–6——-in a car accident. The doctor with the ——7—–of Denise’s father,——8—–her heart into Washkansky’s ——–9———. This was the ——10——-human heart operation of its kind.

Options – Solution of the Cloze Test

1. a Korean b. American c.Indian d. African

2. a. Damaged b. Good c. Sound d. Broken

3. a. Relatives b. Doctors c. Colleagues d. Friends

4. a. Heart b. Liver c. Kidney d. Eye

5. a. Arranged b. Prepared c. Made d. Formed

6. a.Saved b. Thrown c. Killed d. Rescued

7. a. Permission b. Request c. Appeal d. Mercy

8. a. Renewed b. Placed c. Tranplanted d. Pushed

9. a. Loin b. Neck c. Stomach d. Chest

10. a. Third b. First c. Fifth d. Last

Check one more passage for Cloze Test –

New Public opinion polls of Israelis and Palestinians ——-1——- important ——-2——-that accurately reflect the situated on the —–3——and in people‘s minds : a short-term —–4—– of positions and a tendency towards political or military ——-5—— combined with a longer-term ——6—–of a political solution that responds to the ——-7—–rights of both sides.

Options –

1. a. underlie b. forecast c. reflect d. reveal

2. a. modes b. trends c. forecasts d. signs

3. a. ground b. heart c. reality d. brain

4. a. softening b. shrinking c. restructuring d. hardening

5. a. threat b. fear c. terror d. psyche

6. a. maintenance b. acceptance c. searching d. introduction

7. a. just b. holy c. fair d. legitimate

Answers –

Passage 1 –

1. d. 2.a 3. b 4. a 5. b 6. d 7. a 8. c 9. d 10. b

Passage 2 –

1. d 2. b 3. a 4. d 5. c 6. b 7. d

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