NET 2014 English Paper 2 Question Paper with Answers

For the students who are preparing for NET English and are not getting any support in terms of study material and last years’ question papers, we publishing NET 2014 December Question Paper II. This paper shall help you in getting idea of the nature of Eligibility Test. You can also download NET English Syllabus from here.

December 2015 NET Paper II Questions with Answers

1. Which was Thomas Hardy’s last major novel ?

Ans – Jude the Obscure

2. The Hind and the Panther Transvers’d to the Story of the Country Mouse and the City Mouse is a satire by –

Ans – John Dryden

3. In King Lear who speaks in the voice of Poor Tom ?

Ans – Edgar

4. With which deficiency is the boy of Winander affected by in Wordsworth’s Prelude –

Ans – Muteness

5. Which is not mentioned as part of the London locale in The Waste Land?

Ans – Lower Thames Street

6. Which of the following novels not written by Jean Rhys ?

Ans – The Quiet American

7. Who was the first official Royal Poet Laureate in English Literary History ?

Ans – John Dryden

8. To whom is the theory of Natural Selection attributed  ?

Ans – Charles Darwin

9. Which of the following Characters in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies maintains that ” Life is Scientific ” ?

Ans – Piggy

NET 2014 English Paper 2  with Solution

10. What was the way of making livelihood by Chaucer‘s Pardoner ?

Ans – By selling indulgences to those who committed sins

11. Who was Coleridge’s Companion in a fanciful scheme to establish a Utopian Community of free love on the banks of the Susquehanna river ?

Ans – Robert Southey

12. Which novel by HG Wells is about the condition of England as Empire ?

Ans – The War of the Worlds

13. What is Joothan by Om Prakash Valmiki ?

Ans – An Autobiography

14. In whose poem, the lover’s heart is compared to a hand grenade ?

Ans – Abraham Cowley

15. To whom is the Uncertainty Principle attributed ?

Ans – Werner Heisenberg

16. A Collection of Essays known as Round Table is written by –

Ans – William Hazlitt and Leigh Hunt

17. To which is A Young Lady’s Entrance in to the World sub-title of –

Ans – Evelina

18. To whom the work called Philosophy of Symbolic Forms associated with ?

Ans – Ernst Cassirer

19. Who among the following African writers won the Noble Prize for Literature ?

Ans – Nadine Gordimer

20. In which poem of Keats, the island setting of Latmos figures ?

Ans – Endymion

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