Haryana General Knowledge Practice Paper - 10

The Recruitment Exams in Haryana at their peak. No Sunday goes without HSSC Screening Test for one posts or the other. Many Exams have been held and still many are left to be held in the upcoming days. Being one of the most important contents of these exams, Haryana GK remains no 1 at Google search Engine.

As usual the examinees want more and more GK. So we are again busy in providing you more Haryana GK and Current Affairs Questions. There shall be some questions from the Previous Exams such as Patwari, Auction Recorder etc. So get ready to check your Preparation Level as well as enhance it by reading and answering the given Questions.

Haryana GK Questions - Paper Set - 10

Q. 1 To what occasion is Sindhara ( gift given to a daughter or sister) given ?

Q. 2. Which Saint-poet' birth is linked with the village called Sihi ?

Q. 3. Which city do we know as छोटी काशी for having  नवग्रह कुंड ?

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Q. 4. Which district has its headquarters in Narnaul ?

Q. 5. Banbhatt's name is connected with the king ?

Q. 6. Which two districts are irrigated by Gurgaon canal ?

Haryana General Knowledge Paper - 10

Q. 7. वीरेंदर नारायण चक्रवर्ती नहर  also known as

Q. 8. लोहास उत्थान सिंचाई योजना also known as -

Q. 9. To which district does जुइ नहर  परियोजना irrigate ?

Q. 10. How many civilian airports are there in Haryana ?

Q. 11. गुरुद्वारा मनजी साहिब is located at ?

Q. 12. In which district does Jakhal Junction fall ?

Answers - 1. Teej 2. Surdas 3. Kaithal 4. Mahendragarh District 5. Harshavardhan 6. Faridabad, Gurgaon 7. भिवानी उत्थान सिंचाई योजना 8. Indira Gandhi Canal  9. Bhiwani District 10. Six 11. Ambala  12. Fatehabad

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  1. Sir the gift given to a daughter or sister on Teej is sindhara in test 10 and previously you told it is kothli so which one is right?


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