SSC CGL English Paper with Answer Key – Check your Preparation

We are publishing the 25th October 2015 Tier II, Paper II English Paper here. This English Paper shall be of great help for those people who are preparing for the SSC CGL Exams ( Tier 1 and Tier 2)  in future. Check the Questions, try yourself and tally the answers with the Answer key given at the end of the page.

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Directions ( 1-5)

Choose the correct options out the four given –

Q. 1 Masked men —————a security van on the motorway.

a. held forth b. held up c. held on d. held out

Q. 2. The noise of the drum beats ——— and frightened the tiger.

a. pertained b. persisted c. perplexed d. prevented

Q. 3. If you do well in this exam next year then my efforts ————-successful.

a. has been b. have been c. will be d. would have been

Q. 4.  We ———–not hurry, we have got plenty of time.

a. would b. must c. need d. should

Q. 5. He set up institutions of international ———-

a. renown b. famous c. reputation d. repute

Directions ( 6-17) Find the one word correct options for the phrase given –

Q. 6. To destroy completely –

a. annihilate b. chide c. bluster d. dawdle

Q. 7.  a song sung at the death of a person

a. liturgy b. sonnet c. elegy d. ode

Q. 8. No longer in existence or use –

a. inefficient b. invincible c. obsolete d. delete

SSC Combined Graduate Level English Paper

Q. 9. Too willing to obey other people –

a. subjugate b. subservient c. subaltern d. sublimate

Q. 10. One who is known widely but usually unfavorably –

a. illustrious b. notorious c. famous d. tarnished

Q. 11. The period between two reigns –

a. interregnum b. anachronism c. era d. intermission

Q. 12. A statement in which you say the same thing twice in different words –

a. repetition b. temerity c. tautology d. tarragon

Q. 13. A person who has had one or more limbs remove –

a. amputee b. handicap c. limber d. fatalist

Q. 14. An error or misprint in printing or writing –

a. erratum b.agenda c. jargon d. axiom

Q. 15. Rub or wipe out –

a. plunder b. efface c. terminate d. remove

Q. 16. A person who is very selective, disgusted easily, and is hard to please –

a. fastidious b. ambiguous c. selector d. misanthrope

Q. 17. A person extremely desirous of money –

a. avaricious b. fervent c. extravagant d. miser

Answers – 1. b 2. c 3. c 4. c 5. d 6. a 7. c 8. c 9. a 10. b 11. a 12. c 13. a 14. a 15. b 16. a 17. a

Some More English Grammar Questions for Tier 1/ Tier 2 Exams – ( Try your Preparation )

Change the Direct Speech into Indirect Speech of the following Sentences –

1. She said, ” How tall you are ! ?”

2. She said to me,” How tall are you ?”

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words –

3. China has threatened to attack …………India on border issue.

4. His ailing grandfather passed …………peacefully.

5. She is intelligent …………being beautiful. ( Beside/ Besides)

Answer Key – 1. She exclaimed with surprise that you were very tall.

2. She asked me how tall I was.

3. Nothing will come in the blank.

4. away

5. besides

Detailed Syllabus/ Pattern/ Practice Sets for SSC CGL Tier 1, 2, 3

We shall add more questions later.

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