SSC CGL Tier 2 Oct 2015 Maths Paper with Answers

The students who are preparing for Staff Selection Commission ( SSC ) CGL Level 1 and Level 2 Exams for Mathematics, can check their Preparation of the same subject by practicing Tier II CGL 25th October 2015 Paper.

SSC Combined Graduate Level Tier II Paper 1 ( Maths)

Q. 1. A man sells an article at 5% above its cost price. If he had bought it at 5% less than what he had paid for it and sold it at Rs 2/- less, he would have gained 10%. The Cost of the article is –

Ans – Rs 400/-

Q. 2. A,B,C,D is a cyclic quadrilateral. AB and DC when produced meet at P, if PA = 8 cm, PB = 6 cm, PC = 4 cm, then the length ( in cm) of PD is –

Ans – 12 cm

Q. 3. In a school there were 1554 students and the ratio of the number of the boys and girls was 4:3. After few days, 30 girls joined the school, but few boys left; as a result the ratio of the boys became 7:6. The no of boys who left the school is –

Ans – 76

Q. 4. In an examination average marks obtained by the girls of a class is 85 and the average marks obtained by the boys of the same class is 87. If the girls and boys are in the ratio 4:5, average marks of the whole class ( approx.) is closest to –

Ans – 86.1

Q. 5. A boat moves downstream at the rate of 1 km in 7.5 minutes and upstream at the rate of 5 km an hour. What is the speed ( in km/h) of the boat in the still water?

Ans – 6 1/2

Q. 6. Three glasses of equal volume contains acid mixed with water. The ratio of acid and water are 2:3, 3:4 and 4:5 respectively. Contents of these glasses are poured in a large vessel. The ratio of acid and water in the large vessel is –

Ans – 401:544

Q. 7. AB and CD are two parallel chords of a circle of lengths 10 cm and 4 cm respectively. If the chords are on the same side of the centre and the distance between them is 3 cm, then the diameter of the circle is –

Ans – 2 under root 29 cm

Q. 8. The diameter of each wheel of a car is 70 cm. If each wheel rotates 400 times per minute, then the speed of the car ( in km/h) is –

Ans – 52.8

Q. 9. Pipe A can fill an empty tank in 6 hours and pipe B in 8 hrs. If both the pipes are opened and after 2 hours pipe A is closed, how much time B will take to fill the remaining tank ?

Ans – 3 1/3 hrs

Q. 10. A manufacturer fixes his selling price at 33% over the cost of production. If cost of production goes up by 12% and manufacturer raises his selling price by 10%, his percentage profit is –

Ans – 30 5/8 %

CGL 2 Maths Paper

Q. 11. The interior angle of a regular polygon exceeds its exterior angle by 108 degree. The no of sides of the polygon is –

Ans – 10

Q. 12. 60 kg of alloy A is mixed with 100 kg of Alloy B. A has lead and tin in the ratio 3:2 and alloy B has tin and copper in the ratio 1:4, the amount of tin in the new alloy is –

Ans – 44 kg

Q. 13. If a shopkeeper wants to give 20% discount on a toy, he has to sell it for Rs 300/-. If he sells it at Rs 405/-, then his gain in percent is –

Ans – 8%

Q. 14. If a hemisphere is melted and four spheres of equal volume are made the radius of each sphere will be equal to –

Ans – 1/2 of the radius of the hemisphere

Q. 15. A and B can do a piece of work in 30 and 36 days respectively. They began the work together but A leaves after some days and B finished the remaining work in 25 days. After how many days did A leave ?

Ans – 5 days.

Q. 16. If 60% of A = 30% of B, B= 40% of C and C= x% of A, then value of x is –

Ans – 500

Q. 17. The perimeter of a rhombus is 60 cm and one of its diagonal is 24 cm. The area ( in sq cm) of the rhombus is –

Ans- 216

Q. 18. A and B can do a given piece of work in 8 days, B and C can do the same work in 12 days and A, B, C complete it in 6 days. Number of days required to finish the work by A and C is –

Ans – 8 days

Q. 19. Articles are marked at a price of P which gives a profit of 25%. After allowing a certain discount the profit reduces to 12 1/2%. The discount percentage is –

Ans – 10%

Q. 20 The HCF and LCM of two numbers are 21 and 84 respectively. If the ratio of the two numbers is 1:4, then the larger of the two numbers is –

Ans – 84

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