The Problem of Rising Prices – Reasons, Solution

Prepare an Essay/Speech on Rise in Prices, Reasons and Solutions

Rise in prices has become a permanent problem in India. The last Lok Sabha Election was also contested on this issue and it was one of the big reasons for BJP Govt’s getting the power. But despite some visible efforts, the govt couldn’t have proper check on this problem.

Each and every household in the country is reeling under this problem. It has become impossible for the women to manage kitchen.

The prices from dals to milk, of almost every content are touching the sky.  Initially there was the down in the prices of petrol and diesel. But now gradually, they are also regaining their old status. But there is one relief that the rates of properties are down. The actual users have great time to purchase the property. But this is an exception.

It has become impossible for the poor to live. They are unable to manage two square meals of the day. The condition of the middle class people who work in the unorganized sector is worse. They have to live most of their life in showing off. Income is less and expenditures are very high.

They get involved in the unmatched competition with their counterparts in the organized sections unwillingly. There is the huge difference in the salaries in these two categories. But they have to maintain the same status in the society such us sending their children in the reputed schools of the city by paying huge fees and so on.

Reasons behind the hike/ rise in Prices

India is a developing country and around 70% population of the country lives below poverty line. So this problem is worse here. There are many reasons behind this Rise in Prices. First is the uncontrolled population. More demand and less production is the main reason. Second reason is the involvement of unscrupulous businessmen and politician.

They create phony shortage of one thing or the other in the market. When the demand is very high, such things are produced in the market at very high rates. Such shortages take place particularly at the time of festivals. So black-marketing, hoardings are the main reasons behind this hike in prices.

But the bigger reason is non-cooperation between the states and centres especially where there are different governments at the centre and the states. Inaction is inevitable there.

Solution – How to check rise in prices/ inflation

Govt will have to make stricter laws to check this problem. Only laws will not serve, exemplary punishment must follow. There should be the co-ordination between the states and the centre. New effective policies must be made. Things must be imported if there is much shortage. Only then this problem can be curbed.

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