Abraham Lincoln Quotes – His Best Ideas

Abraham Lincoln is, undoubtedly, one of the most influential leaders of the USA. From his actions and thoughts, he has not only influenced his fellow Americans but the people of all other countries. His biography is one those which are highly taught and read in the schools and colleges.

People of all the age groups are interested in his life and thoughts. Let’s read some of very powerful thoughts/ Quotes of this great leader of the world. Before that we must know a bit about his life.

Abraham Lincoln Quotes

Abraham Lincoln’s Brief Biography –

He was born on 12th of Feb 1809 at Kentucky, USA. He saw many ups and downs before tasting success as the President of the USA. After facing all the failures bravely, he became the 16th President of the country. He died on 15th of April 1865 at the age of 56. But before his death, he left behind his precious thoughts for the benefit of the coming generations.

A woman is the only creature I am afraid of even after knowing that she will not hurt me.

Explanation – It shows Lincoln’s respect for the women.

A true friend is one who has the same enemies as yours.

Explanation – True friends must have common friends and enemies.

Democracy is of the people, by the people and for the people.

Explanation – This is his world famous quote. The constitutions of many a country are carrying this beautiful line. This quote inevitably links people and democracy.

What I am and hope to be, is all because of my angel mother.

Explanation – Here he has eulogized his mother saying that whatever he has achieved and will achieve will be because of his dear mother.

Famous Quotes of Abraham Lincoln –

Avoid popularity if you want peace of mind.

Explanation – It’s true that popular persons such as celebrities, politicians lose their peace of mind.

Am I not killing my enemies by making them my friends ?

Explanation – The simplest way to kill your enemies is to make them your friend. Bloodless victory.

Simple looking people are the best in this universe. That’s why God makes so most of them.

Explanation – Simplicity is the best ornament of great people.

If you give me six hour to chop a tree, I shall spend first four hours in sharpening the axe.

Explanation – Come out with full preparation before starting any of the expeditions.

Once a person looses the trust of his fellow-countrymen, he can never regain their love and respect.

Explanation – Trust is one the most valuable things of the world.

We have modified these quotes a bit to help our readers in understanding them properly. Explanation of each and every Quote shall help in grasping the essence of theirs.

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