Haryana General Knowledge ( GK ) Paper – 1

These days the youngsters in Haryana are quite occupied in preparing for the Recruitment Exams by HSSC and HPSC for various posts in various departments. The Exam Pattern and Syllabus for all the exams held by Haryana Staff Selection Commission is almost same with a bit of difference. You can check the detailed syllabus of HSSC Recruitment Exams from here.

There is one subject which is very common and most important is Haryana General Knowledge. In every exam, there are a pretty great no of questions finding place. We are preparing a Question Paper that will help you to prepare for this area. So get ready to solve Haryana GK Question Paper.

हरियाणा सामान्य ज्ञान हिंदी ( GK in Hindi )में यहाँ से पढ़ें।

Haryana General Knowledge Sample Paper – 01

Q. 1. When did the famous Second battle of Panipat between Akbar and Hemu take place ?

Q. 2. To the safety of which country had Rao Tularam to run in the end ?

Q.3. When did the first battle of Tarawari take place ?

Q. 4. What is Haryana’s area in percentage as compared to the total area of the country ?

Q. 5. In which direction are Series of Aravallis situated ?

Q. 6. To which district are Morni Hills in adjacent ?

Q. 7. When was Badkhal Lake built in Faridabad ?

Q. 8. Which is the most important river of Haryana ?

Q. 9. What is the origin of Ghaghar River ?

Practice Paper for Haryana GK

Q. 10. In how many parts is Haryana State divided as per agricultural climate ?

Q. 11. Which slot Haryana enjoys in the production of wheat in India ?

Q. 12. Which district of Haryana grows highest quantity of wheat ?

Q. 13. Which district of the state grow turmeric ?

Q. 14. Which vegetable is grown at the highest level in Haryana ?

Q. 15. The buffaloes of which breed are famous in Haryana ?

Q. 16. Which spice is grown at the highest level in Haryana ?

Q. 17. What are called Murrah buffaloes in Haryana ?

Q. 18. Which flower is grown the most in Haryana ?

Q. 19. Which district of Haryana is covered the most by Forests ?

Q. 20. Which district is covered the least by Forests ?

Check Solution of Haryana GK Paper SET – 1

Ans – 1. In 1556 2. Afghanistan 3.  In 1191 4. 1.34% 5. In southern part 6. Panchkula 7. In 1947 8. Yamuna 9. Dagshai near Shimla 10. 2 11. 3rd 12. Sirsa 13. Ambala 14. Potato 15. Murrah 16. Turmeric 17. Black Gold 18. Gladiolus 19. Panchkula 20. Fatehabad

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  4. Which district of Haryana is covered the most by Forests ?

  5. Answer of Q.17 is confused murrah buffaloes called in Haryana silver or Black Gold.
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