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Question Paper about Indian Economy – General Knowledge / Current Affairs

Q. What is ” Golden Hand Shake Scheme” related with ?

Answer – Voluntary Retirement

Q. Who had propounded Human Development Index ( HDI) ?

Answer – Mahbub Ul Haq

Q. If capital stock is always permanent, the value depreciation shall be ?

Answer – Zero

Q. Which company is Cell One Service related with ?

Answer – BSNL

Q. Indian Financial Year begin from …..

Answer – From 1st of April

Q. Which city of India has the maximum nos of Mobile Users ?

Answer – Delhi

Q. First Indian state to adopt Zero based Budgeting ( ZBB) ?

Answer – Andhra Pradesh

Indian Economy GK/ Current Affairs for SSC CGL/ IBPS Banking Exams

Q. When did the USA adopt ZBB ( Zero Based Budgeting ) ?

Answer – In 1977

Q. What is the Chief Component of Indian Economy ?

Answer – Agriculture

Q. What is the meaning of Gilt-edged market ?

Answer – Market of Government Securities

Q. Which is the largest milk producing country of the world ?

Answer – India

Q. Huge increase in fish production is ….

Answer – Blue Revolution

Q. Which country holds the 1st Position in production of sugar cane and sugar ?

Answer – India

Q. Which institutions issues the data of estimation of India’s National Income ?

Answer – Central Statistical Organization

Q. The period of First Five Year Plan in India was ……

Answer – 1951-1956

Q. Who had given the model of First Five Year Plan ?

Answer – Herold – Domar

Q. Which Five Year Plan had the agenda of Growth with Social Justice and Equality ?

Answer – 9th Five Year Plan

Q. When did Planning Commission of India come into existence ?

Answer – 15th of March 1950

Q. Which Planning Commission did Godgil Yojana have its link with ?

Answer – 4th Five Year Plan

Q. When did National Development Council ( NDC) come into being ?

Answer – On 6th August 1952

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