History GK Questions related with SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam

The aspirants preparing for SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam can get no of Questions on History at this page. We have made best endeavor to select these questions for your benefit. Besides you shall receive useful links for other exam related contents here.

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SSC CGL Tier 1 History related Questions –

Q. When did French Revolution take place ?

Answer – In 1789

Q. In which year, Vienna Treaty had come to being between Austria and Spain ?

Answer – In 1725

Q. When did Vietnam get freedom ?

Answer – 1945 from the French

Q. Who had formed Swaraj Party ?

Answer – C.R. Das and Motilal Nehru

Q. Who had penned down the book called ” Hind Swaraj ” ?

Answer – Mahatma Gandhi

Q. When did Khilafat Movement begin ?

Answer – In 1919 and ended in 1924

Q. Irvine Pact took place in …..

Answer – On 5th of March 1931

Q. Chaura-Chauri is related with ….

Answer – Non-cooperation movement

Q. In which state is Dandi located ?

Answer – Gujarat

Q. Who was the Political Guru of Gandhi ji ?

Answer – Gopal Krishan Gokhle

Q. When did the first amendment take place in Indian Constitution ?

Answer – In 1951

History Related GK for SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam Tier 1 2017

Q. Whose famous name was घोंघू पंत ?

Answer – Nana Saheb

Q. Who led the Chatgaon Arms Dacoity ?

Answer – Suryasen

Q. What is the date of Battle of Haldighati ?

Answer – In 1576

Q. Ancient Yavdeep (यवदीप )has the modern name ….

Answer – Java

Q. Who established India House ?

Answer – Shyamji Krishan Verma

Q. Which Muslim Social Reformer got the title of Knighthood ?

Answer – Sir Sayed Ahmad Khan

Q. Who had arrested Bahadurshah – II ?

Answer – Hudson

Q. Who had set up Hindu College and Vedan College in Calcutta ?

Answer – Raja Ram Mohan Rai

Q. When did the first meeting of Constitution Assembly take place ?

Answer – On December 9, 1946

Q. Which dynasty established temples at Mahabalipuram ?

Answer – Pallav Dynasty

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