Haryana GK Test Paper for HSSC Exams – 6

We are preparing Haryana General Knowledge Practice Set – 6 for all HSSC Exams in the state. Besides the candidates can also gauze their preparation through the other Practice Sets given on this page.

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Haryana GK Practice Set – 6 for Exam in Haryana

Q. 1 The swang (स्वांग ) called Raja Bhoj belongs to –

Q. 2. Where is Baldev Chatth ( बलदेव छठ) fair organized ?

Q. 3. पृथ्वी पर रक्त की वर्षा होना क्या है ? – महोत्पात या उपलिंग

Q. 4. What is the first movie in the history of Haryana Cinema ?

Q. 5. In which year was this movie released ?

Q. 6 In which year the movie Bahurani released ?

Q. 7. Which is called the most successful Haryanvi movie ?

Q. 8. Who was the main male actor of this movie ?

Q. 9. To which city does the famous singer Sonu Nigam belong ?

Q. 10. To which city does the actor Ranbir Huda belong ?

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Q. 11. The film director Subhash Ghai belongs to –

Q. 12. What is called the gift given on the occasion of Teej ?

Q. 13. What is distributed at the time of the birth of a child ?

Q. 14. In which category does the earthquake come ?

Q. 15. Who has written the book Andha Safar ?

Q. 16. Who is the writer of the novel Jaal and Mukti ?

Q. 17. Chitrabodhini is written by –

Q. 18. Who has written the book called Nagananda ?

Q. 19. The book Trilok Darpan is written by ?

Q. 20. Who has penned down the book named Swadesh Darshan ?

Q. 21. Which city of Haryana has got the first rank as the best city in the survey conducted by Ministry of Urban Development, India ?

Q. 22. What is the new name of Ballabgarh ?

Q. 23. Operation Durga is linked with ….?

Answers – 1. Pt Lakhmichand2. Ballabhgarh 3. महोत्पात 4. हरफूल सिंह जाट जुलाणी 5. In 1970 6. In 1983 7. Chandraval 8. Jagat Jakhar 9. Faridabad 10. Rohtak 11. Rohtak 12. Kothli 13. बकली 14. महोत्पात 15. Krishan Madhosh 16. Hemraj Nirgam 17. Pt Haripunya Nyayratan 18. Harshavardhan 19. Nemichandra 20. Rampratap 21. Karnal 22. Balramgarh 23. Safety of Women

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