Union Budget 2017 – Highlights, Important Questions for SSC, IBPS, UPSC Exams

Today i.e. on 1st of Feb 2017 ( Basant Panchami ), Finance Minister Mr Arun Jaitley made history by presenting combined Budget ( General+ Railway ). Amidst demands for postponement of Budget due to sudden death of senior MP E Ahamed, he opened his magical box of sops. Here we are presenting the highlights of the 2017-18 Union Budget in the form of questions.

Union Budget 2017 Highlights, QuestionsNo doubt, these questions shall be very important for those preparing for exams by SSC, IBPS, UPSC and other organizations.

Highlights, Important Questions, Facts about Union Budget 2017-2018

Q. Name the 10 themes on which Union Budget was chiefly focused ?

Answer – 1. Farming Sector 2. Rural Population 3. Youth 4. The poor and the unprivileged health care 5. public services 6. infrastructure 7. financial sector for stronger institutions 8. speedy accountability 9. prudent fiscal management and 10. tax administration for the honest

Q. How much increase is there in NABARD Funds ?

Answer – Rs 40,000 crore

Q. How much money has the Govt allocated to the farmers as credit and how much waiver have to they got ?

Answer – Rs 10 lac crore as credit with 60 days interest waiver

Q. How much money did the finance minster earmarked for Micro Irrigation Fund for NABARD ?

Answer – Rs 5,000 crore initial corpus

Q. How many households will the govt bring out of poverty by 2019 ?

Answer – One Crore

Q. No of ponds taken up under the MANREGA during 2017-18 ?

Answer – Five lac

Q. What amount of money will the govt spend on Rural Development under MANREGA ?

Answer – Rs 3 lac crore

Union Budget 2017-18 Highlights

Q. Up to what percentage will the women’s participation in MANREGA be increased ?

Answer -55 %

Q. Which technology will the govt use to ensure MANREGA works ?

Answer – Space Technology

Q. What is the deadline for 100% rural electrification ?

Answer – March 2018

Q. How much money will Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana receive for 2017-2018 ?

Answer – Rs 19,000 crore

Q. What is the progress in Sanitation Coverage under Swachh Bharat Mission from Oct 2013 ?

Answer – 42 % in Oct 2013 to 60% at present

Q. How many India International Centres be set up across the country under Skill India Mission ?

Answer – 100

Q. How much fund has the govt allocated for Mahila Shakthi Kendras ?

Answer – Rs 500 crore

Q. How much money will a person get under nation-wide scheme for pregnant women ?

Answer – Rs 6000/-

Q. What is the total sum allocated for women and children ?

Answer – Rs 1,84, 632

Q. What is the deadline for elimination of Tuberculosis ( TB) ?

Answer – 2025

Q. Which two states get AIIMS each ?

Answer – Jharkhand and Gujarat

Q. How much fund is there for Schedule Caste people ?

Answer – 52,393

Union Budget / Railway Budget 2017-18 Important Questions

Q. What is the total allocation for Railways ?

Answer – Rs 1,31,000 crore

Q. What is the total allocation for complete infrastructure ?

Answer – Rs 39,61,354 crore

Q. What is the deadline for eliminating unmanned level crossing ?

Answer – By 2020

Q. Name the facility to register all coach related complaints ?

Answer – Coach Mitra Facility

Q. Deadline to have bio-toilets in the trains ?

Answer – By 2019

Q. How many stations shall be made differently-able friendly ?

Answer – Five Hundred

Q. How much money has the Govt allocated for highways ?

Answer – Rs 64,000 crore

Q. How many gram panchayats will get high speed internet ?

Answer – 1,50,000

Q. When will the govt begin Trade Infra Export Scheme ?

Answer – In 2017-18

Q. What is the Pradhan Mantri Mudra lending target for 2017-18 ?

Answer – Rs 2.44 lac crore

Q. What two schemes will the govt launch to promote BHIM App ?

Answer – Referral Bonus for the users and cash back for the traders.

Q. What is the total fiscal expenditure of the govt for 2017-18 ?

Answer – Rs. 21,47,000 crore

Important Questions on Budget 2017-18

Q. What is the expenditure on Science and Technology ?

Answer – Rs 37,435 crore

Q. What is the maximum amount of cash donation to the political parties ?

Answer – Rs 2000/-

Q. What is the total allocation to Defence Sector ?

Answer – Rs 2,74, 114 crore

Q. How many companies had filed returns for 2016-17 out of the total 13.14 lac registered companies ?

Answer – 5.97 lac firms

Q. How many individuals showed income between 2.5 lac to 5 lac for 2016-17 ?

Answer – 1.95 crore

Q. What is the new Tax Slab ?

Answer – Up to 2.5 lac no tax. From 2.5 lac to 5 lac it is 5%. Rs 5 lac to 10 lac 20% whereas for more than 10 lac it is 30%.

There is also the provision of 10% surcharge on individual income above Rs 50 lac and up to Rs 1 crore.

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