5 Tips for SSC CGL English Preparation – Best Books for Exam

Notification for the Combined Graduate Level Exam by the Staff Selection Commission is a constant process. This must cause stir among the students who are preparing for the exam.

There is a stiff competition among the aspirants. The cut off for the exam is getting higher year-by-year. With the exam dates approaching near, the worries increase manifolds. Despite burning midnight oil, the confidence level remains very low.

But instead of showing concern, there is the time of contemplation and sincere efforts from the students’ part. Now they must focus on Tier I Exam which shall be the first litmus test for most of them.

CGL Tier I Pattern and Syllabus –

SSC CGL Tier I Exam will contain four Subjects viz Maths, Reasoning, General Knowledge and General English. The Test shall be of 200 Marks with all these topics having 50 marks each.

Here in this article we are focusing on English. English being the foreign language looks very tough to Indian Examinees. So this is our small attempt to remove this fear. For competitive exams, there is a different type of preparation of English.

Tips for English Language for SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam

The topics of English Subject are – Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension.

1. How to Prepare Grammar –

In Grammar, the topics are – Voice, Narration, Preposition, Tense, Subject-verb Concord, Question Tags etc. Here our suggestion is that the candidates must do these topics one by one with a lot of practice sets.

There shouldn’t be more focus on one particular topics. The questions from these topics are very few and not straightforward. They come in the form of Common Errors. So instead of laboring hard on each and every topic do the practice sets. For English Practice Sets you can click here.

2. How to Prepare  Vocabulary –

The Contents of this topic are – Synonyms, Antonyms, One Word Substitution, Idioms and Phrases etc. For the practice of this part, purchase a good book of vocabulary by a good publication.

Prepare at least 20 words a day from one topic or the other. After preparing 100 words of one topic, come to other topic. You will not get bored in this way. Read newspapers for enhancing the knowledge of the vocab. In newspaper, solve vocab-related puzzles. You will have to keep revising the old words besides doing new ones. For Vocabulary use this link.

3. How to do comprehension –

Read as much as possible. Especially the editorial from some good English Newspaper will help you a lot. Don’t try to get the word for word meaning. Just get the idea of the content to understand what is being asked and how to answer. Cover at least 3 or 4 topics a day. They may be about sports, main events, business, sports and so on. There is no short cut for doing comprehension. For details read out this article – How to improve comprehension skills ?

4. Do more and more Practice Sets/ Mock Tests

For timing point of view and to generate more and more confidence, you need to do Practice sets on regular basis. Check your timing and keep improving it. While doing practice sets, you will come across a large no of new questions that will improve your knowledge.

5. Check Last Years’ Question Papers –

Get last years’ question papers and check them. Check the nature of questions which are often asked in such exams. They will also help you in evaluating your exam preparation.

Always remember that practice makes a man perfect. Therefore give maximum time to practice. May be these tips help you a bit. Our Best Wishes are always with you. Best of luck.

Best Books for Preparation of SSC CGL Exams-

Wise candidates spend more time in searching good books. Selection of good books can ensure success in the exam. WE are providing you some good books that may be helpful in the upcoming SSC CGL Exams.

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