4 Tips to Improve Writing Skills in English – How to make it effective

How to improve your English Writing Skills
There are four skills which are the part of any language and need to be polished. They are – Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading Skills. The learner should focus on each and every skill equally. Speaking and Writing are two most important skills.

Writing Skills in English

Through speaking we express our emotions orally whereas the same are expressed through the written words in Writing Skills. So writing is an art, it requires a great skill to express the feelings, ideas and thoughts in a very effective manners.

If your writing is effective, you can influence a large no of people. But in order to enhance this skill you must require a great practice. Some tips for the purpose are given below –

Effective Writing – 4 Tips to Improve it

1. Have ideas :

Writing is based on ideas we have. If you don’t have ideas and wanna start writing, you can’t. Your pen will not move, not even an inch. So first of all you must have the ideas which you wish to translate in to written words. For the purpose, make good books your friends. Read as much as possible. Besides books, read newspapers. You can also have good ideas by listening to others.

2. Start Writing :

After having ideas, you must start writing. Try to convert your feelings, ideas in to the writing. Adopt some style for writing. In the beginning, adopt a simple and lucid style that is understandable to the readers. Gradually you can move further towards the complex style if you feel the need of that. But always remember, these days simple style is appreciated by the readers. Your writing should be the fun for your readers, not the work.

3. Revise what you have written :

This is a great thing to do after what you have written. Revise the content at least once. Find out the mistakes and improve your content. Even you can re-revise your material and make it fool-proof. Revision will provide you the opportunity to make amendments in your writing material and make it better for your readers.

4. Take care of your Grammar :

It is very important that your writing must have correct grammar. So you must have hold over grammar. Your writing should be sans Grammatical Error.If your writing is full of error, it will become the butt of laughter among the readers. But the grammar can be improved with the passage of time. In the beginning, you must only enjoy your writing and let the time correct you.

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