Child Psychology Specialist – Course & Scope

What are the Job Prospects for Child Psychology Specialists? Tell me the areas where Child Psychology Specialists required? Where to do PG in Psychology ?

These are the questions a no of people put and want to know the answer of. In the modern age, more and more children and adolescents have psychiatric disorders due to various problems.

But the problem is that the no of experts are not in accordance with the no of cases pending in our society. So there is more and more requirement for the Experts – Child Psychology Specialist.

Course for Child Psychology Specialist –

For becoming experts in curing psychiatric disorders, a candidate must be MA/M.Sc in Psychology. He can also pursue M.Phil and PhD as higher qualification. Click here for knowing Universities offering M.Phil and PhD in Psychology and related courses.

MA/M.Sc Psychology ( only in Regular Mode) is offered by almost all the good universities of the country.

He studies the behavioral problems of the patients. In case of students, there may the problems related with tremendous pressure from the parents and  the teachers for the better results, performance, high expectations and fulfilling them etc.

What does a Child Psychologist do ? – Scope and Courses

The patients can suffer from aggression, dyslexia, hypertension, etc. The Child Psychologist’s aim is to diagnose the problem and then give proper treatment as per the requirement.

Scope for Child Psychologist –

  • He can run his/her own private clinic.
  • There are jobs in Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Organizations related with Family and Child Welfare as trainer, counselor, academician etc.
  • Working with Organizations and NGOs working for the welfare of the children.
  • The candidates can also work on Research Projects.
  • We can combine this Psychology degree  with B.Ed to become a teacher of Psychology in the schools.
  • Diploma in Guidance and Counseling can be done to get a job of counselor.

So Psychology has a great demand these days and unfortunately it is on the rise. In future more and more experts shall get the jobs to cope the increasing problem related with mind.

So you can make up your mind to do any course in Psychology and do a service to society and humanity.

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