Reasoning Paper for HSSC, SSC Exams – Set 4

Haryana Staff Selection Commission Exams are on. Reasoning, Mathematical Aptitude, General English, Haryana GK, General Knowledge and Current Affairs are the common Subjects. We are publishing a  no of Sample Papers and Practice Sets for these HSSC exams. You can download these papers from below. This is a Reasoning Practice Paper with Solution at the end of the page.

Try Reasoning Aptitude Test Paper – 4

Q. 1. Indicating towards a woman, John says ,” She is the daughter of the only child of my grand daughter.” What relation does that woman have with John?

Q. 2. Ram is the husband of the grand daughter of my father, what relation does I bear to Ram ?

Q. 3. E is the son of A. D is the son of B. E is married to C. C is the daughter of B. What is D to E ?

Q. 4. A teacher‘s son is an advocate. The Advocate’s father is a doctor. What is the relationship of the  teacher with the Advocate ?

Q. 5. Indication towards a girl, a man says ,” My uncle is the uncle of this girl’s uncle.” How is that man linked with the girl ?

Q. 6. A and B are brothers. C and D are sisters. A’s son is D’s brother. What is the relationship of B with C ?

Complete the following series

Q. 7. 6, 13, 25, 51, 101, ?

Q. 8. M, N, O, L,R, I, V ?

Q. 9. ZA5, Y4B, XC6, W3D, ?

Q. 10. If paper is called wood, wood is called straw, straw is called grass, grass is called rubber and rubber, cloth, then what material shall be used to prepare furniture ?

Q. 11. In some code language, Gold is called Home, Cord is called Dose, then sons shall be written as –

Q. 12. If Sky is Star, Star is Cloud, Cloud is Earth, Earth is Tree and Tree is book, where will the birds fly ?

Answers – 1. Sister 2. Father-in-law 3. Brother-in-law 4. Mother 5. Father or Uncle 6. Uncle 7. 203 8. E 9. VE7 10. straw 11. Toot 12. Star

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