Questions on Haryanvi Language & Literature – Sample Paper

We are making another attempt to provide you some of the most important questions on Haryanvi Language and Haryanvi Literature. These questions may be the part of the upcoming HSSC Exams. Actually Haryanvi is a dialect which is a part of Kaurvi dialect. Kaurvi is further linked with खड़ी बोली.

It is also said that National Language Hindi was originated from खड़ी बोली . Haryana has produced a no of great litterateur who have brought laurels to the name of the state by publishing valuable books. Read Important Questions along with Answers from below –

Sample Paper on Haryanvi Language & Literature –

Q. 1. Who has been the first Sufi Saint of Haryana ?

Q. 2. To which  genre (विधा ) अक़ायदे आजम belongs ?

Q. 3. Lal Dhoop is written by –

Q. 4. Whose creation is Seep ka Moti ?

Q. 5. The Novel Lal Pasina is penned by ?

Q. 6. Ramkosh and Sri Guru Nanak Prakash are written by ?

Q. 7. Who is the writer of the novel Amanat Ek Shahid Ki ?

हरियाणवी साहित्य व् भाषा के प्रश्न।

Q. 8. Basant Phir Aayega is wrtitten by ?

Q. 9. Who is known as the first litterateur of Hindi in Haryana ?

Q. 10. Who has written अमरसेन चरित्र ?

Q. 11. सीतासेतु लिखी गई है –

Q. 12. For which book Ashok Bhatia got the first Haryana Sahitya Academy Award ?

Q. 13. एक लिपि की जरुरत लिखी गई है –

Q. 14. वर्धमान महावीर नामक पुस्तक के लेखक हैं –

Q. 15. Bharat Vilap written by –

Answers – Sheikh Muhammad Turk 2. Prose 3. Amrit Lal Madan 4. Hemraj Nirgam 5. Abhimanyu Anant 6. Santosh Singh 7. Krishan Bachal 8. Hemraj Nirgam 9. Chauranginath 10. Manikya Raj 11. भगवती 12. समुद्र का संसार 13. बालमुकुन्द 14. श्रीधर 15. Ishadas

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