Why did so many students fail in HBSE 10th, 12th ?

Recently, Haryana Board of School Education ( HBSE ) declared the Results for 10th and 12th Classes for the 1st Semester Exams. The results have come as a shocker to a large no of students. In 10th Class around 35% and in 12th Class 56.75 % students have failed. Now the time of introspection has started for the students, teachers and parents.

Political Parties are also busy in the blame games. But the ultimate loss has been done to the thousands of students who could not get through. There are many reasons for this abysmal Haryana Board Results. Such results were expected.

We have witnessed a very steep fall in the  standard of education for the last few years thanks to the policies the previous govt had adopted. No detained,  Grace Marks, Leniency in Marking Policies had destroyed the real purpose of teaching and learning.

Students knew that they would not be detained, if they got failed, they would get grace marks, paper checkers were forced to give good marks, if they failed to do so, they were tortured in various ways by condemning them for producing poor results, by calling them to Bhiwani Board at their own expenses for correcting the sacrilege they had committed etc.

Why did so many students fail in Haryana Board ?

The semester system and CCE system have done more damage to this system. Due to Semester System, the teachers don’t get much time to cover the syllabus properly. They finish it hurriedly without paying much heed on the comprehending power of the students so that they may make the latter prepare for the board exams.

The main focus is on cramming and for it, guides ( help books ) are the boon. Guides for various subjects are prescribed on the very first day of the school. Even the text books are substituted by these guides.

Teachers read the things from these help books and students are encouraged to mug up every thing word for word from these books. Cramming the material like a parrot is a guarantee of sure success in the exams. Real teaching and learning don’t place in the class rooms. Everything important from examinations’ point of view is done in the class room.

The last and most powerful disease of this ailing system is copying. All from teachers to parents are involved in this game. Students don’t study because they know that they would get sufficient outside aid for clearing the exam. Teachers are to become the part of this immoral practice for many reasons. So when cheating doesn’t take place and the marking is genuine, such results as we have seen today are produced.

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