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The Republic Day ( गणतंत्र दिवस )

An Article/ Essay

India, the largest democracy of the world, got independence on 15th August 1947. That’s why on 15th of August every year, we celebrate our Independence Day. However, India became a Republic on 26th of January 1950. So we call this day as Republic Day.

Republic means ” a state where people enjoy supreme power and choose their own representatives.” They got this tremendous constitutional power as India had got its new Constitution on this day. Earlier India had no constitution. The country had no President. On the same date i.e. on 26th Jan 1950, Dr Rajendra Prasad became First President of Republic India.

On every 26th January, people from across the country celebrate Republic Day with great enthusiasm. Republic Day is celebrated in every village, town, city and capital of each state as well as in Delhi. In Delhi, the Celebration takes place at India Gate.

The President of India unfurls the national flag. He receives salutes from the three wings of Army, Police, N.C.C. etc. There is also one foreign dignitary as the Chief Guest of the function. People not only from the country but from other countries come to see the Republic Day Function.

A Short Essay/ Article on Republic Day ( गणतंत्र दिवस )

A huge Republic Day procession begins at 8:00 am. Doordarshan broadcasts a running commentary on the programme. A large no of Army, Navy and Air Force personnel participate in this procession. Cadets of N.C.C., A.C.C. , Boy Scouts, Girl Guides also participate.

The country also exhibits its weaponry strength. The biggest attraction are the tableaux of various states and their cultures. Some departments also bring their own tableaux. The spectators cheer each and every activity happening at India Gate.

In the end, color balloons are released into the sky. Tricolor made by the aeroplanes is also a very memorable show. The whole environment is filled with patriotic zeal. Here we get a great opportunity to see the unity of India at one spot.

Not only in Delhi, Republic Day Celebrations take place in other parts of the country with same passion. In schools, especially, there is great atmosphere. There are activities – Cultural and Sports. There is also the Chief Guest of the Programme.

The activities include parade, P.T. exercises, speeches, songs, skits, fancy dress competition etc. The honorable speakers tell the students about Indian Freedom Struggle, role of Freedom fighters etc. They also urge them to work harder to serve the country in a better way.

So, Republic Day is a great Indian Festival. It creates feeling of patriotism among the people. It reminds us of the supreme sacrifices made by great freedom fighters. Republic Day also realizes us our responsibilities towards our country. It makes us feel proud to be Indian.

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