HPCET English Question Paper, Practice Set with Answers

Himachal Pradesh Common Entrance Test ( HPCET) is a state level test held by HPTU ( Himachal Pradesh Technical University). Thousands of students take this admission every year to get admission various courses offered by this university.

These students are in search of Exam Syllabus, Pattern and Question Papers for preparation. The Question Papers include last years’ Question Papers, Practice Sets, Mock Tests etc.

In this post, we shall publish the HPCET English Question Paper. This paper shall certainly help you in getting fair idea of the nature of questions that appear in the Test.

Pattern of the Himachal Pradesh CET 2017 –

The Test shall contain four sections namely Section A , Section B, Section C and Section D. The Subjects are English, Reasoning, Maths and General Knowledge. Total Questions are 100.

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HPCET Practice Paper -Section A ( English)

Questions – 1 to 3

Find the same meaning of the given words –

1. Corpulent –

a. Lean b. Thin c. Emaciated d. Obese

2. Embezzle –

a. misappropriate b. Balance c. Remunerate d. Reward

3. Brief

a. Long b. Small c. Little d. Short

Questions 4 to 6

Choose the opposite to the word from the options that follow –

4. Terminated –

a. Ordered b. Finished c. Closed d. Commissioned

5. Relinquish –

a. Renounce b. Abdicate c. Deny d. Possess

6. Enormous –

a. Big b. Large c. Tiny d. Weak

Questions from 7 to 9 –

Fill the blanks with the appropriate word out of four options given –

7. Catching the earlier bus will give us the ———–to do some shopping.

a. chance b. luck c. possibility d. occasion

8. I saw a ———–of buffaloes in the field.

a. herd b. swarm c. flock d. group

9. If you smuggle goods into the country, they may be ————by the custom authority.

a. punished b. confiscated c. fined d. freed

HPTU Common Entrance TEST English Mock Test

Questions 10 to 13 –

Find the part that contains error from the following ones and if there is no error choose the option D

10. a. An Indian ship b. laden with goods c got drowned in the Indian Ocean d No Error

11. a. The Indian newspapers b. which were previously controlled by the English Govt c. are free now from the narrow vested interests d. No Error

12. a. We discussed of the problem so thoroughly b. on the eve of the exam c. that I found it very easy to work it out d. No Error

Questions 13 to 15

Re-arrange the following parts of the sentence –

13.  When I P. didn’t know Q. I was nervous and R. heard the hue and cry at midnight S. what to do


14. Then

P. It struck me Q. of course R. suitable it was S. how necessarily


15. Everybody knows that

P. Einstein was Q. although a great scientist R. weak in arithmetic S right from his school days


Questions from 16 to 18

Give the one word substitutions of the following phrases –

16. State in which the few govern the many

17. Leaving the place considered dangerous

18. The study of ancient societies

Answers – 1. d 2. a 3. d 4. d 5. d 6.c 7. a 8. a 9. b 10. c 11. No Error 12. a 13. b. 14. QPSR 15. d 16. Oligarchy 17. Evacuate 18. Ethnology

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