Objective GK Important Questions on Biological Sciences for Exams

We have accumulated some very expected questions on Biological Sciences for students of various exams by SSC, UPSC and other departments. These questions may be helpful for them. At the end of the post, we have provided the Answers.

Q. 1. Which part of the plant provides us cotton fiber ?

Q. 2. Which scientist had decoded the language of bees ?

Q. 3. What do we call the process by which sun rays get converted into chemical energy ?

Q. 4. Which plant provides us the castor oil ?

Q. 5. Which human organ breaks fat consumed in to fatty acid and glycerol ?

Q. 6. What did Gregor Mendel use for his studies on hybridization ?

Q. 7. What is the name of the cells in the human blood that perform the function of transport of gases ?

Q. 8. Who had first coined the word Ecosystem ?

Q. 9. In which organ of the body, harmful substances yielded by Metabolic Processes are rendered harmless ?

General Knowledge Questions on Biology Science

Q. 10. What do the nerve endings in the skin carry the sensations of ?

Q. 11. How does the cardiac muscle function ?

Q. 12. Who is known as the father of genetics ?

Q. 13. Which vitamin is necessary for the formation of teeth and bones ?

Q. 14. How does Magnesium help the plants ?

Q. 15. What do we call the dermis carrying pigment cells ?

Q. 16. What is the no of major groups of epithelial ?

Q. 17. In what form is iron found in human body ?

Q. 18. In blood sugar, what is there in the circulating body ?

Q. 19. What do we call the plants which grow in saline soil ?

Q. 20. Where is Orgamous reproduction is present ?

Q. 21. The stage of silk moth that provides silk is –

Q. 22. What do we call the visible plant of fern ?

Answers – 1. Epidermal hairs of seed 2. Karl von Frisch 3. Bio-conversion 4. Ricinus Communis 5. Small Intestine 6. Garden-peas 7. Erythrocyte 8. A.G. Tansley 9. Liver 10. Cold, heat, touch, pain and pressure

11. Involuntarily ( not under control of free will ) 12. Gregor Mendel 13. Vitamin D 14. It helps in forming chlorophyll 15. Melanocytes 16. Two 17. Compound 18. Glucose 19. Halophytes 20. Spirogyra 21. Cocoons 22. Sporophyte

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