How we celebrated Dussehra in our School – A Report

Prepare a short report – How you celebrated Dussehra Festival in your school ?

Q.- You are Rudra Gupta, secretary of the Cultural Club of your school. Write a report ……

How We Celebrated Dussehra in our School

A Report

Dussehra is a festival that comes in the month of Oct/ Nov every year. This is a festival of victory of goodness over evil. We celebrated this festival in our school. First of all, we decorated the school and then made three effigies of Meghnatha, Kumbhkarna and Ravana.

Secondly we invited our Chief Guest and other guests. The guests included our parents, teachers and respected citizens. Our school President was the Chief Guest. He reached on time. Our Principal and staff members welcomed him. He was taken to the Principal Room where they provided him some snacks with tea.

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From there, he was taken to the big hall. The audience was already there. The celebration started with Welcome and Saraswati songs. The students performed on the stage. They presented some song and dance items. There was also the special skit prepared by the school children.

The Chief Guest and the Principal delivered the speeches. The Chief Guest advised us to be good every time and not to fight each other.

The Principal said something about Rama, Hanumana and Sita. She said we must learn from their lives. Then we set the effigies on fire. We enjoyed very much the burning of the effigies and crackers placed in them. Besides we enjoyed snacks at the stalls prepared by the students of the school.

Then we grew some plants making the day special – blending celebration and the duties. Everybody there appreciated our work. It was how we celebrated Dussehra Festival in our school.

By : –

Rudra Gupta


Cultural Club

MD Public School, Narwana.

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