A Report on How you Celebrated Holi Function

Write a short note on / Report on Holi Festival in India

Holi is a big festival of colors. All elders, youngsters, children celebrate it with great zeal. They wait for this programme for months. There is no doubt, this festival is more for the children. This festival is a real fun.

This year, the festival was celebrated on 25th of March. In my street also, there was a great arrangement for celebrating this festival of fun and frolic.

There was also an arrangement of DJ. Everybody started gathering in the street from very early. All of us were in poor dresses. DJ was started. Everybody applied colors on each other’s face. Somebody used cool water. People enjoyed more on dance platform. They were without hesitation because they could not be recognized.

It became more enjoyable with very pleasant weather. There were many groups of young people who were taking rounds. Some people didn’t know how to play holi in a fine way. They were using cattle dung, mud etc. It reminded me of the rural area faag. The oldsters were playing cards. Some women were singing holy songs.

The most enjoyable moment of the day was the dance of my mother and children. I also danced on a very famous song. There was also a great arrangement of Eatables. Everybody enjoyed gol-gappas, dahi bhallas etc. It was a positive way of celebration.

After playing sometime, we sat in the sun. Then each and every member of our family took bath one by one. The bath made us fresh. But tiredness made us sleepy. We took siesta for sometime. In the evening, we saw a funny movie. After that we took our dinner and went to bed earlier.

We enjoyed very beautiful sleep that day. Some wrong people enjoyed this festival in some wrong way and tried to spoil the  pleasure of this festival. It seemed there was no rule of law and order in the city. This is a big festival and everybody should respect its real essence.

By :-

Rudra Gupta

10+2 NM

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