My Aim in Life – A Report, An Essay

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My Aim in Life

A Report

It is imperative to have some aim in life. Without aim life is nothing, it keeps standing at one place going nowhere. Those who have aims get them. That’s why everybody must have aim. After fixing that aim, fall on that and keep making efforts till you achieve it. Keep your eye on your aim just as Arjuna had done while fixing his eyes on the eye of the bird. Just have one aim and do your best to get that.

Like other people, I also have one aim in my life. Unlike other students who wish to become doctors or engineers or scientists or officers, I want to become a teacher. Here my aim is not to earn money. I have decided to embrace this noble profession as I have passion for teaching-learning process. I love books and want to get indefinite knowledge and then disseminate it to the worthy students of mine after becoming a teacher.

A teacher has a big reputation in society. He is known as the nation and society builder. He always lives among the youth and therefore, he always remains young in his thoughts. When he is a teacher, the personality development course for him is always on.

He keeps learning one thing or the other to give maximum benefits to his students. Gone are the days when a teacher’s salary was meager. Now-a-days he earns a very handsome income. So besides a good income, he has good reputation and peace of mind.

Besides the students, he can also give much time to his family members. So all these reasons are sufficient for me to make my mind for this profession.


Rudra Gupta

10+2 Commerce

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