How I Spent My Last Sunday – A Report for School Exams

Read a short report/ essay on ” How I Spent My Last Sunday ? “ Word Limit is 300 Words. The students can add or curtain word limit as per their requirement.

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Q. You are Rudra of class 10+2 NM. Write a report/ essay on How I Spent My Last Sunday for school magazine.

How I Spent My Last Sunday

A Report

Sundays are always special for everybody. After doing 6 days’ hard work every body awaits this wonderful day. Moreover, the day has greater significance for students. They do everything to spend it in more enjoyable ways.

I also spent my last Sunday in a special way. Instead of spending it at home, I went to my friend Ravi’s house. We had planned it on Saturday evening. We had decided to work, play and watch movie together on Sunday. I got up at 7:00 am. Then I finished the routine work.

Having taken breakfast, I started for his house. His house was at a 20 minutes’ distance from ours. I reached there at 9:30 am. That time he was waiting for me. He greeted me. I met the members of his family. I touched the feet of uncle and aunt. Then we took tea with snacks.

After this we started doing our school work. We did maths and science. After two hours’ studies, we switched to playing badminton. For one hour we played it in the street. Then aunt called us for lunch. Having taken lunch, we decided to see the movie.

He downloaded the movie ” Jolly LLB II” and then played it on TV. The movie was quite good. In the meantime, the aunt brought us pop-corns followed by coffee. We enjoyed it to the full. It was evening by then and my time to leave for home. So, I took their leave and started back for my home. No doubt, it was really a fantastic day combined with work, game and movie-fun.

Reported By –

Rudra Gupta

10+2 Science

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