Report Paragraph on Dussehra Celebration for School Exams

Read a Report / Paragraph on Dussehra Festival Celebration in India for School Exams

First of all, we are writing it in the form of a Report. Below it, there is a paragraph. The only difference is that Report is written in the past tense whereas a Paragraph in present tense.

Dussehra Celebration in Our City

A Report

Dussehra Celebration was to take place in the Ram Lila Ground of our city. The timing of the burning of the effigy of Ravana was 6:00 pm. Therefore, I along with my elder brother reached the spot at 5:30 pm. There was already a big crowd there. There was standing a tall and splendid effigy of the demon king Ravana. The ground was decorated with colourful buntings. Besides, there were many stalls of eatables and toys. People were enjoying chat, gol-gappas, chow-min etc. Parents were buying balloons and flutes for their young children.

Some people especially the women were worshiping the statue of Ravana as per the Hindu rituals. There were policemen keeping the crowd away from the effigy. Suddenly, the noise turned into the roar when the procession carrying Ram, Laxman and Sita came there. The whole atmosphere was filled with the slogan,” Bhagwan Ram Chandra ki Jai.”. Then there was the fighting scene between Ram and Ravan. Ram killed Ravan. People were filled with enthusiasm.

Now Ram along with Laxman and Hanuman reached near the effigy. He took some rounds of it. Then he took out his arrow and burnt its tip and shot it at the effigy from a distance. Within a few seconds, the effigy caught fire and there were the explosive sounds of various crackers. It was the worth-seeing scene. Again, the slogans were raised. The noise was at its peak. The police had to do a lot of work to control the crowd. Within three or four minutes, the effigy was turned into ash. After that, the crowd started melting. We also returned home.

By –

Rudra Gupta

10+2 Science

Paragraph on Dussehra Festival –

Dussehra is a big festival of the Hindus. The festival marks the victory of goodness over the evil. In a way, the festival is symbolic and carries a big message. On this day, as the legend says, Lord Rama had killed Ravan and liberated his wife Sita from his captivity. The festival comes twenty days ahead of Diwali.

Before the Dussehra Festival, there is the organization of Ramlilas in all the cities and villages of the country. Ramlilas throw light on the life of Ram and they end with the killing of Ravan by him. Dussehra celebration takes place in some big ground. Effigy of Ravan is erected there. People set up various stalls of eatables and toys. Women worship the effigy.

Children buy toys. Most of the people enjoy chat, gol-gappas, Chinese food etc. Then a procession carrying Ram, Laxman, Hanuman, Sita arrive on the venue. There is the fight scene between Ram and Ravan. In the end, the former kills the latter. Then Ram burns the effigy of Ravan. People enjoy the fireworks attached with his effigy.

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