Common Errors related Sentences from Previous Exams

Common Errors is an essential topic in almost all the competitive exams in India. Most of the mistakes committed by students are due to their ignorance of the rules of grammar. A piece of writing by a new English learner teems with errors, which betray ignorance of grammatical rules and usages.

That’s why this Common Errors Section has assumed importance in almost all examinations held by UPSC, SSC, IBPS etc.

This test carries a few sentences. Each sentence is in parts. In some of them there is grammatical error. You will have to choose that part. IF there is no error, you can choose the fourth one called No Error.

Common Errors Practice Set from the Previous Exams –

Q. 1 This is the girl whom a/ I think had broken b/ the window pane with his ball c/ No Error d/

Q. 2. They had scarcely a/ stepped out their house b/ when they met with an accident c/ No Error d.

Q. 3. I as well as you a/ are expected to chalk out b/ program for the future c/ No Error d.

Q. 4. The news were received a/ that the great leader b/ had passed away c/ No Error d.

Q. 5. This carpenter is the most skilled a/ of all other carpenters b/ in their workshop c/ No Error d.

Common Errors with Answers

Q. 6. He was one of the lucky ones a/ who was not b/ listed among the failures c / No Error d.

Q. 7. Physics is not a subject a/ I am interested b/ with c/ No Error d.

Q. 8. They walked to the bus stand a/ with both their dogs  b/ on either side of them c/ No Error.

Q. 9. Life is as dear a/ to a mute animal b/ as it is to a man c/ No Error d.

Q. 10. We shall have much pleasure in accepting your a/ kind invitation b/ to dinner Sunday next c/ No Error d.

Answers – 1. a ( the girl who ) 2. a ( they scarcely had ) 3. b ( am expected ) 4. a ( news was ) 5. d 6. b ( who were ) 7. c ( interested in ) 8. c ( on each side of theirs ) 9. d 10. a ( we have much pleasure ..)

Tell us if these sentences have been useful for you or not. And if there is/are mistakes anywhere, you can tell us via comment box below.

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  1. These sentences are useful, no doubt, but the number of incorrect sentences (to be corrected) may be increased i.e. 50 minimum.

  2. I want about 30 translations of PRESENT INDEFINITE in indi and nglish which should difficult at my email.


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