Common Errors Practice Set 4 For SSC CGL, Banks Exams with Solution

How to do common error related sentences ?

This is the topic which carries sentences with error in any part of theirs. The examinees are to find that error. The motive is to make the Language learners aware of the right usage of English language. The examinees can get mastery over this topic by doing regular practice.

Most of the mistakes committed by students are due to their ignorance of the rules of grammar and vocabulary. So it is important to have proper knowledge of English Grammar and usage of vocabulary. This topic has assumed importance in almost all examinations conducted by U.P.S.C, S.S.C, IBPS and other examination bodies.

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How to do Common Errors Practice ?

As we have already told, it requires complete knowledge of all the topics of grammar along with vocabulary. So first of all, do complete grammar properly. Then engage yourself in doing as many Practice sets as possible. Always believe in the adage : Practice makes a man perfect.

That’s why we are providing you with a no of Practice sets for Common Errors. This test contains a no of sentences from some Previous Exams. So it shall help you not only judging your preparation but also in getting to know the nature of the questions which will appear in the exams.

The sentences shall contain four parts each. You will have to choose one of them, which you deem wrong.

Common Errors Practice Set 4

1. The man disappeared (a)/ after he has committed (b) / a murder in the running train (c) / No Error (d) .

2. This carpenter is the most skilled (a)/ of all other carpenters (b) / in our workshop (c) / No Error (d) .

3. You as well as he (a) / is expected to chalk out (b) / programme for the future (c) / No Error (d) .

4. On arriving at the station, (a) / my friend’s father was there (b) / to greet us (c) / No Error (d) .

5. This is the girl whom (a) I think had broken (b) the window pane with her ball (c) / No Error (d) .

6. I shall have much pleasure in accepting your (a) / kind invitation ( b) to dinner Tuesday Next (c) / No Error (d) .

7. More than one ship was sunk (a)/ in the naval battle (b) / that followed (c) / No Error (d) .

8. Physics is not a subject (a) / I am interested (b) / with (c) / No Error (d) .

9. Many of these adverbs (a) / are somewhat ( b) / superfluous (c) / No Error (d) .

10. He walked to the bus stand (a) / with both her dogs (b) on either side of her (c) / No Error (d) .

Answers of Common Errors Practice Set – 4

1. b after he had committed 2. d No Error 3. b are expected 4. a On our arriving 5. a This is the girl who 6. c to diner Tuesday Next 7. a More than one ship were …. 8. c in 9. b Many of these adverbs are superfluous 10. c on each side of her

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  1. In 7th question more than one ship was is right.

  2. In 6th sentence
    Tuesday Next???
    Why not next Tuesday

    • Yeah, It’s next Tuesday.


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