Practice Homonyms Part 1

For Homonyms read the following words –

Accept – Admit, Take

Radha accepted publicly that she  was wrong.

Except – Exclude, Save, apart from

Everybody except John was present in the function.

Amiable – Affable, Friendly nature

Sophie is amiable enough to mix with any group.

Amicable – Cordial, Friendly Behaviour

Jansie should sort out her differences amicably.

Ascent – To go upward, rise

Johnson’s ascent to the hill took him five hours.

Assent –  Approval, Agreement

Sheela gave her wholehearted assent to his proposal.

Aver – Assert

Sita averred her innocence.

Ever – Always

Has Tom ever speak to him ?

Axle – A connecting rod, hinge

Steering of a vehicle depends mainly on the front axle.

Excel – Surpass

Shamu excels over others in the modern dance.

Back – Reverse, Rear

Maggie can take her vehicle back in the reverse gear.

Beck – A small stream,

Children love to sport on beck in spring.

Bake – Cook mainly in an oven

Stephen will bake a cake for him.

Bald – Hair less, Thin hair on top

Rudi always wears a cap because he is bald.

Bold – Daring, Brave

The Army made a bold action against terrorist.

Ball – A round object, Sphere

Tiger was playing with a ball.

Bawl – Cry, Yell

The child was bawling.

Bowl – Noun – a circular container, Basin, Verb- to throw a ball

Amitabh kept some apples in a bowl.

Jasprit Bumrah bowled well yesterday and took three wicket haul.

Bowel – Gut

She suffered from some disorders of bowel.

Ballet – Dance

The function began with a ballet.

Ballot – A voting paper to maintain secrecy

Fold the ballot and insert it into the ballot box.

Batter – Beat

Batter this mat to dust to the dustbin.

Better – Improved

A better version of the mobiles has been launched.

Beach – Shore

They enjoyed a picnic on the Goa sea beach yesterday.

Beech – A kind of tree

Beech trees are in plenty on the Himalayas.

Berth – A sleeping place in a train

Ravi has got his berth reserved in the Shri Ganganagar Festival Special Express.

Birth – Origin in this world

This child is very weak from its birth.

These are the important homonyms. If you have some more homonyms or if you find some errors, you can write to us.

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