See Words without Vowels ,Consonants in English

Vowels and Consonants are the essential elements to form any word. Without them we can’t imagine the formation of any word. But words can be formed without one of them ( using either vowels or consonants ). Students keep tracking such words. There are some words which are formed without the use of vowels and consonants. Check these words below –

First of all there are words without the use of Vowels (a,e,i,o,u ) –

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Here ‘ Y ‘ consonant plays an important role. This consonant can produce both Vowel and Consonant Sounds. It can produce the sounds of ( I ) and ( AI ). Here are some words –

  • Sky, dry, my, fry, gym, crypt, rhythm, sylphs etc.
  • Here are few words using ‘w’. ‘W’ is a semi-vowel.
  • Example – crwth,  cwtch etc.
  • Look at the words without ‘ Y ” or ‘ W ‘ –
  • The words are – grr, hmm etc. These are the sounds which are given the shape of words. Such words are called onomatopoeia.

Note – In abbreviations such as km, cm etc.  there are no vowels. But they don’t come to this category.

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Words without the use of consonants ( Only with the use of vowels ) –

These words are few in numbers.  They are just pronoun and some interjections and maybe other words.

  • One most important word is – I
  • Interjections – O !, Ai, !, Ou ! etc.

So these are some words we are sharing with you. Besides there may be many words. If you know some of them, we request you to share with through the comment columns for the benefits of our readers.

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Our Note – English is very interesting language. There is a lot of material which you should learn which will certainly make your learning interesting. Share this knowledge to your friends, siblings etc. Give your comments below.

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