Objective Type Questions from Fire and Ice

Learn very short questions or objective type questions with solution from Fire and Ice by Robert Frost – Purely pattern is of NCERT – You will find useful links in this article – Also useful for 10th students – The book is First Flight

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Q. Who is the poet of the poem Fire and Ice ?

Answer – Robert Frost

Q. What type of poem is this ?

Answer – Highly symbolic

Q. Fire is a symbol of ………

Answer – Lust and endless desires

Q. Ice is a symbol of ……….

Answer – Hatred

Q. What will fire and ice do to the world ?

Answer – They will end the world

Q. What is the meaning of hold ?

Answer – Agree

Q. What is the meaning of favour ?

Answer – Take the side of

Q. What is the meaning of perish ?

Answer – Destroy

Q. What is the meaning of destruction ?

Answer – Ruin

Q. What is the meaning of suffice ?

Answer – Be enough

Q. What is the thyme scheme of the poem ?

Answer – ababa

Q. What is the meaning of twice ?

Answer – Two times

Q. What is the meaning of desire ?

Answer – Wish, here fire

Q. What do people think about the ending of the world ?

Answer – Some think that the world will end in fire and others think that it will end in ice

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