Objective Type Questions from Dust of Snow

Prepare objective type questions or very short questions with answers from Dust of Snow by Robert Frost from the book First Flight for 10th class students - The pattern is NCERT - Good links

Dust 1 of Snow at examweb.in

Q. Who is the poet of the poem " Dust of Snow " ?

Answer - Robert Frost

Q. Which country does the poet belong to ?

Answer - America

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Q. What type of poem is this ?

Answer - Highly symbolic

Q. Where is the poet standing ?

Answer - Beneath a hemlock tree

Q. What is poet's mood ?

Answer - Sad

Q. What does he think he has lost ?

Answer - Rest of the day

Q. Who shakes the tree ?

Answer - A crow

Q. What falls on him ?

Answer - Dust of snow

Q. What is the meaning of dust of snow ?

Answer - Particles of snow

Q. What is the meaning of rue ?

Answer - Feel sad about

Q. What is the meaning of hemlock tree ?

Answer - A plant

Q. What changes the poet's mood ?

Answer - The action of the crow

Q. What is the rhyme scheme of the poem ?

Answer - abab

Q. What is the meaning of shake ?

Answer - Quake

Q. What is the meaning of way ?

Answer - Path

Q. Use the word ' mood ' in a sentence ?

Answer - His mood is not good today

Q. What is the meaning of save ?

Answer - Rescue

Q. What does dust of snow stand for ?

Answer - Depression ( sadness )

Q. Describe hemlock tree.

Answer - It is a poisonous plant with small white flowers

Q. What does the poet present via a hemlock tree and a crow ?

Answer - Blessing ( Beauty ) of nature

Q. What was the effect of dust of snow on the poet ?

Answer - It changed his mood

If you wanna learn such questions with answers from Dust of Snow written by Robert Frost, you can visit this page. We shall add some questions in future as well. These questions may be valuable for matric students in their exam. May they fare good in their exam !

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