Objective Type Questions from The Hundred Dresses – I

Prepare very short questions or objective type questions with answers from The Hundred Dresses Part- I by El Bsor Ester – Based on NCERT pattern – Useful links

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Q. Who is the writer of The Hundred Dresses – I ?

Answer – El Bsor Ester

Q. When did the 1st Polish immigrant arrive in America ?

Answer – In 1968

Q. Which is called then 2nd largest Polish city in the world ?

Answer – Chicago

Q. According to census 2000, How many Americans spoke polish ?

Answer – 667,414 Americans of age five years and older

Q. Who is the protagonist of the story ?

Answer – Wanda Petronski

Q. Where did Wanda sit usually ?

Answer – Next to the last seat in the last row in room no. 13

Q. Who was the most popular girl in school ?

Answer – Peggy

Q. Who was Peggy’s closest friend ?

Answer – Maddie

Q. Who had noticed Wanda’s absence ?

Answer – Peggy and Maddie

Q. Why did they notice Wanda’s absence ?

Answer – Because Wanda made them late to school

Q. Did Wanda have any friend ?

Answer – No

Q. Which game did the little girls play in the school ?

Answer – Hopscotch

Q. How many dresses were hanging up in Wanda’s closet, according to her ?

Answer – A hundred

Q. How many shoes did she say ?

Answer – Sixty pairs

Q. What is the meaning of incredulously ?

Answer – Showing

Q. What is the meaning of nudge ?

Answer – A gentle push

Q. What is the meaning of embarrass ?

Answer – Ashame

Q. What is the meaning of lavish ?

Answer – Very grand

For such very short questions or objective type questions with complete solution from The Hundred Dresses – I by El Bsor Ester, we welcome you on this page. These questions are very good for 10th class students. If you want us to add more questions, we shall do so. Should you find any error in this post, please tell us via comment box below. Best of luck for your exam.


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