Objective Type Questions from The Hundred Dresses - II

Prepare objective type questions or very short questions with answers from The Hundred Dresses - II by El Bsor Ester - Based on NCERT style - Useful links for 10th class students - The name of the book is First Flight

The Hundred Dresses for 10th Class at examweb.in

Q. Who is the writer of The Hundred Dresses ?

Answer - El Bsor Ester

Q. Who brought note to Miss Mason ?

Answer - The monitor

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Q. Who has written that note/ letter ?

Answer - Wanda's father

Q. What did Miss Mason wipe on her soft white handkerchief ?

Answer - Her glasses

Q. What is the name of Wanda's father ?

Answer - Jan Petronski

Q. Who wrote Wanda a friendly letter ?

Answer - Maddie and Paggy

Q. When did they write that letter to Wanda ?

Answer - On Saturday

Q. Where did they mail the letter ?

Answer - To Boggins Heights

Q. Whom does Wanda write a letter on Christmas ?

Answer - To her teacher, Miss Mason

Q. What is the meaning of cornucopias ?

Answer - Decorative containers

Q. What is the meaning of damp and dismal ?

Answer - Wet and sad

Q. In which contest did Wanda win ?

Answer - In the drawing contest

Q. Q. What is the meaning of expectant ?

Answer - Hopeful

Q. What is the meaning of deliberately ?

Answer - Knowingly

Q. What is the meaning of pretend ?

Answer - Show

Q. What is the meaning of make amends ?

Answer - To show that one is sorry by doing something good

Q. Q. What is the meaning of wisps ?

Answer - They are insects of yellow color

Q. What is the meaning of kittens ?

Answer - Offspring of cat

For such very short questions or objective type questions with solution from The Hundred Dresses - II written by El Bsor Ester, you are welcome on this page. These questions may be good for 10th class pupils. If you find any of the questions wrong, you can inform us. And if you wanna us to add some more questions, we feel happy in doing so. By the way, good luck for your exam.

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