Objective Type Questions from Glimpses of India

Prepare very short questions or objective type questions with answers from Glimpses of India - Based on NCERT pattern - Useful links for 10th class students - The name of the book is First Flight

Glimpses of India at examweb.in

Q. Who is the writer of A Baker from Goa ?

Answer - Lucio Rodrigues

Q. Who has written Coorg ?

Answer - Lokesh Abrol

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Q. Who is the writer of Tea from Assam ?

Answer - Arup Kumar Datta

Q. What are the elders in Goa nostalgic about ?

Answer - Portuguese days

Q. What is the meaning of reminiscing nostalgic ?

Answer - Thinking fondly of the past

Q. What do the Goans call the bakers now-a-days ?

Answer - Pader

Q. How did they come to know the arriving of a baker ?

Answer - Through the thud and jingle of the traditional baker's bamboo

Q. What was the name of maid-servant ?

Answer - Paskine or Bastine

Q. How many times did the baker come in the house ?

Answer - Twice a day

Q. What do we call the dress the baker or the bread-seller of those days used to wear ?

Answer - Kabai

Q. What is Coorg ?

Answer - The smallest district of Karnataka

Q. What do people also call Coorg ?

Answer - Kodagu

Q. Whose descent are these people ?

Answer - Greek or Arabic

Q. What is Mahaseer ?

Answer - A large freshwater fish

Q. What is dress of these people ?

Answer - A long, black coat with an embroidered waist-belt

Q. What do we call this dress ?

Answer - Kuppia

Q. Whose dress resembles kuppia ?

Answer - The Arabs and the Kurds

Q. Who was the first Chief of the Indian Army who was a Coorgi ?

Answer - General Cariappa

Q. What is Coorg famous for ?

Answer - For coffee, rain forests and spices

Q. Whose father is the manager of a tea-garden in Upper Assam ?

Answer - Pranjol

Q. Whose classmate was Pranjol ?

Answer - Rajvir

Q. When does Pranjol invite Rajvir to Assam ?

Answer - During the summer vacation

Q. Where was tea first drunk ?

Answer - In China

Q. When did tea come in to being ?

Answer - 2700 B.C.

Q. Of which language are the words like tea, chai, chini ?

Answer - Chinese

Q. When did tea reach in Europe ?

Answer - In the 16th century

Q. What was the name of tea-garden Pranjol's father was the manager of ?

Answer - Dhekiabari

Q. How did Europeans drink tea ?

Answer - As medicine

Q. What is name of Pranjol's father ?

Answer - Mr. Barua

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