Phrases with Definition and Examples

You will read the definitions of the Phrases and types ahead –

Phrase is a group of related words used as a single part of speech. It makes sense but not complete sense. It has neither a subject nor a predicate of its own. The groups of words in italics in the following sentences are phrases –

  1. They enjoy reading newspapers.
  2. She is a girl of great future.
  3. Radha often does her work without care.

We can notice in the example ( 1 ) above that the phrase in italics serves as the object of the verb enjoy as a noun does; therefore, it can be called the Noun Phrase. In the ( 2 ) above, the phrase qualifies the noun girl same as an adjective does; therefore, we can call it the Adjective phrase.

Similarly, in the ( 3 ) above, the phrase qualifies the verb does same as an adverb does; therefore, it be called the Adverb phrases. Look at some more examples of these three kinds of phrases –

  • Noun Phrases –

Ram would not like such things.

They love to read stories full of tragedy.

Early to bed is good for our health.

John wants to live in the USA.

Kinjal dislikes having to exploit the needy.

To be the super star is her goal.

To talk in this way is irritating.

  • Adjective Phrases with Examples-

Ram wore a shirt made of cotton.

Tom met a woman from a city.

The queen is wearing a crown made of platinum.

‘The mother was wearing a shawl of beautiful design.

Ratna successfully lived a life sans blame and corruption.

  • Adverb Phrases with Examples –

Ram and Shyam can buy all these books from this market.

We hope Ravi to arrive at very early time.

The air blows with great force.

John thanked Jansie with all his heart.

Sophie stopped work from that very time.

Children decorated the auditorium in a beautiful pattern.

Our army showed a brave style in a war.

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