Modicare Health Insurance Scheme ( PMJAY ) – Eligibility, Procedure

PMJAY ( Modicare Health Scheme ) Information such as – Am I Eligible ? ( Eligibility ), Hospitals, Procedure, Total Medical Treatment Scheme etc.

For the health interest of the poor, the PM Narendra Modi has launched from 24th of Sept 2018, the Modicare. This is the largest health assurance scheme which is called PM Jan Aarorgya Yojana ( PMJAY ). This shceme which is the part of Ayushman Bharat will cover costs for secondary and tertiary healthcare of beneficiaries.

Here we are producing some very useful facts/ information ( Eligibility, Procedure etc ) related with this PMJAY –

This info will be in question and answer form to help the candidates of various recruitment  exams conducted by SSC, IBPS etc or state commissions. Moreover, those who wish to apply for PMJAY to get knowledge about Eligibility, Procedure etc read it.

Q. How much money will this scheme ?

Answer – Rs 5 lakh annually for hospitalization.

Q. What kind of people can use this service ?

Answer – Central, Socio -Economic Caste Census ( SECC ) ( 2011 and updated in 2015 ).

Q. Whose birthday did the day of this scheme commemorate ?

Answer – Ramsdhari Singh Dinkar.

Q. How many medical conditions does this scheme include ?

Answer – 1350

Q. What is the nature of this Health Care Scheme ?

Answer – It is cashless and paperless. Also, a resident of one state will get benefits in other states also in case of portability of scheme.

Q. What documents will the family members of the patient have to carry to hospital ?

Answer – Beneficiary’s QR Code and one proof of ID.

PMJAY ( Modicare Health Insurance Scheme ) Eligibility, Procedure, Hospitals etc Information

Q. Which hospitals come under the umbrella of of this scheme ?

Answer – Almost all the govt hospitals besides 15686 private hospitals.

Q. How many beneficiaries are expected to get medical benefits ?

Answer – More than 50 crore people. Strangely, the no. of beneficiaries nearly equals the population of the European Union, or the population of the European Union, or the population of the US, Canada and Mexico, taken altogether.

Q. What should be the age to get benefit of PMJAY ? ( Eligibility )

Answer – There is no condition of age. No caste matter.

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Helpline no. for the more queries about PMJAY ( Modicare Health Scheme ) – 14555

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