Objective Type Questions from The Hack Driver

Prepare very short questions ( objective type questions ) with answers from The Hack Driver by Sinclair Lewis – NCERT style ( pattern ) – Useful links ahead – Good for secondary students from Footprints Without Feet

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Q. Who has penned down The Hack Driver ?

Answer – Sinclair Lewis

Q. Who is the hack driver ?

Answer – Oliver Lutkins

Q. Where does he live ?

Answer – New Mullion

Q. What is the name of the barber ?

Answer – Gustaff

Q. What did the narrator do after passing graduation ?

Answer – He became junior assistant clerk in a law firm

Q. Where does the narrator go one day to serve summons ?

Answer – New Mullions

Q. What name does the hack driver tell the narrator ?

Answer – Bill

Q. Where did the lawyer and the hack driver have their lunch ?

Answer – On Wade’s Hill

Q. How far is Lutkins’ mother’s farmhouse from New Mullion ?

Answer – Three kms away from New Mullion in the north

Q. Who wanted to kill the narrator ?

Answer – Lutkins’ mother

Q. What is the meaning of hack ?

Answer – A horse drawn vehicle

Q. What is the meaning of summons ?

Answer – Court orders

Q. What is the meaning of poker game ?

Answer – A game of cards

Q. What is the meaning of poolroom ?

Answer – Gamblehouse

Q. What is the meaning of pastures ?

Answer – Meadows

Q. What is the meaning of creek ?

Answer – Small gulf

Q. What is the meaning of ditch ?

Answer – Moat

Objective type questions with answers from the story The Hack Driver written by Sinclair Lewis are available on this page. We have tried our best to prepare questions from this story. If you find that we have missed some questions, you can tell us.

And if you find some errors in the above part, we request you to inform us. You can come across these questions as they are or in the form of multiple choice questions. For 10th class paper, these questions may be good. We wish good luck to 10th students for their exam.

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