Objective Type Questions from The Necklace

Very short questions ( objective type questions ) with answers from The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant – NCERT pattern – Good links for 10th students on this blog – The story has been taken from Footprints Without Feet

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Q. Who is the writer of the story The Necklace ?

Answer – Guy de Maupassant

Q. Who is the central character of the story ?

Answer – Matilda Loisel

Q. Where is the party to take place ?

Answer – At the residence to the Minster of Public Instruction

Q. Was Matilda Loisel happy at the invitation ?

Answer – No

Q. Who is Matilda Loisel’s childhood friend from whom the former had borrowed the necklace ?

Answer – Mrs Forestier

Q. Who brought new dress for Matilda Loisel ?

Answer – Mr. Loisel

Q. How much money does Mr. Loisel save ?

Answer – Four hundred francs

Q. Why does he save that money ?

Answer – To buy a shooting gun

Q. What is Mr. Loisel ?

Answer – A clerk

Q. What is the cost of the necklace ?

Answer – Five hundred francs

Q. How much time did Mr and Mrs Loisel take to repay the loan ?

Answer – Ten years

Q. What is the meaning of tureen ?

Answer – A dish

Q. What is the meaning of elated ?

Answer – Proudfully

Q. What is the meaning of destiny ?

Answer – Luck

Q. What is the meaning of incessantly ?

Answer – Continuously

Q. What is the meaning of inscribe ?

Answer – Imprint

Q. What is the meaning of larks ?

Answer – Small singing birds

Q. What is the meaning of chic ?

Answer – Fashionable

Q. What is the meaning of ball here ?

Answer – Group-dance

Q. What is the meaning of chaplet ?

Answer – Wreathe

Q. What is the meaning of haggle ?

Answer – To bargain

Q. What is the meaning of worth ?

Answer – Value

These are the very short questions ( objective type ) with answers from the story named The Necklace written by Guy de Maupassant. These questions may be good for 10th class students. If you wish to plus some questions here, we shall be happy to do this. You can come across these questions as MCQs in the paper. Good luck for your exam.

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