Objective Type Questions from Bholi

Learn very short questions ( objective type questions ) with answers from Bholi by K.A. Abbas – story is based on NCERT style/ pattern – Useful links ahead for Matric students – Book Footprints Without Feet

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Q. Who is the writer of the story Bholi ?

Answer – K.A. Abbas

Q. How was a part of her brain damaged ?

Answer – She fell down from a cot in her childhood

Q. How had she lost her beauty ?

Answer – Due to smallpox

Q. What was the real name of Bholi ?

Answer – Sulekha

Q. Who was Bholi’s father ?

Answer – Ramlal

Q. What was Ramlal ?

Answer – Numberdar

Q. How many children did Ramlal have ?

Answer – Seven

Q. Who was his eldest daughter ?

Answer – Radha

Q. Who wanted to marry Bholi ?

Answer – Bishamber

Q. What was Bishamber ?

Answer – A rich grocer

Q. What was the name of Bholi’s cow ?

Answer – Lakshmi

Q. How much money does Bishamber demand as dowry ?

Answer – Five thousand rupees

Q. What is the English meaning of Bholi ?

Answer – Foolish

Q. What was the name of the second daughter of Ramlal ?

Answer – Mangla

Q. Who had come to perform the opening ceremony of village school ?

Answer – The Tehsildar

Q. What is the meaning of numberdar ?

Answer – An official who collects revenue

Q. What is the meaning of small-pox ?

Answer – A disease

Q. What is the meaning of stammer ?

Answer – Speak with halts

Q. What is the meaning of pock-marks ?

Answer – Marks left by small- pox

Q. What is the meaning of ginning ?

Answer – Separating raw cotton from its seeds

Q. What is the meaning of dumb ?

Answer – Unable to speak

Q. What is the meaning of masterpiece ?

Answer – A piece of highest workmanship

This page contains questions with solution from the story Bholi penned by K. A. Abbas. Should ( If ) you want us to write some more questions from this story, we feel happy in doing so. If we have commit some errors here, we plead you to inform us via comment box ahead. In the final exam of 10th class, these questions may be useful. The examiner may turn these questions in to multiple choice questions in the paper. We and our team wish the students of 10th class good luck.

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