Very Short Questions from Childhood

Prepare very short questions or objective type questions with answers from the poem Childhood written by Markus Natten – Hornbill – Based on NCERT pattern


These are objective type questions from the poem Childhood. At the end of every questions we have provided their answers. We hope you will be benefited.

Q. Who is the poet of the poem Childhood ?

Answer – Markus Natten

Q. As per the writer at what age a person lost his/her childhood?

Answer – Age of Eleven

Q. Where could hell and heaven not be found ?

Answer – In geography book

Q. How are the adults ?

Answer – As they seem to be

Q. What did the adults talk and preach of ?

Answer – Love

Q. When could he have his own thoughts ?

Answer – When he crossed his childhood

Q. What was a person able to do when his mind was his own ?

Answer – He was able to produce his own new thoughts

Q. Where is his childhood hidden ?

Answer – In the face of an infant

Q. Where has his childhood gone ?

Answer – At some forgotten place

Q. What day does he talk about ?

Answer – When he loses his childhood period, when he becomes an adult.

Q. Do the adults do as they say (talk or preach ) ?

Answer – No

Q. What is the meaning of preach ?

Answer – Giving sermon

Q. What is the meaning of Infant ?

Answer – Child ( below one year )

For such very short questions or objective type questions and answers of the poems, stories, biographies, autobiographies, essays etc keep coming here. These questions are very important for exam point of view. Learn them.

If you find any error here, you shall correct us via comment box below. We shall accept your comments. If some questions are in your mind and if you wish to share them with us, we welcome you. We shall update this post very soon in future.

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