Very Short Questions from A Photograph

Prepare objective type questions or very short questions from the poem ” A Photograph ” – The poet is Shirley Toulson – Based on NCERT pattern for the students of 11th class

A Photograph

Q. Who is the poetess of A Photograph ?

Answer – Shirley Toulson

Q. Whose mother is there in the photograph ?

Answer – Poet’s mother

Q.How many cousins does poet’s mother have ?

Answer – Two

Q. How many girls are there in the photograph ?

Answer – Three

Q. Who is taking the photograph ?

Answer – The uncle

Q. Who is the eldest girl ?

Answer – Poetess’ mother

Q. What is the age of poetess’ mother in the photograph ?

Answer – Around 12 years or so

Q. What are the girls doing ?

Answer – Paddling

Q. What are the two girls holding ?

Answer – Poetess’ mother’s hands

Q. What is in-transient in the photograph ?

Answer – Sea

Q. What is transient in the photograph ?

Answer – Girls’ feet

Q. What are the names of the cousins ?

Answer – Betty and Dolly

Q. What was the past for the poetess ?

Answer – Mother’s laughter

Q. What does cardboard stand in the poem ?

Answer – Photograph

Q. What happened to the poet’s mother at present ?

Answer – She is dead

Q. What is meaning of circumstance ?

Answer – Situation

Q. What silences the poet ?

Answer – Mother’s death

Q. What is the meaning of Snapshot ?

Answer – Photograph

Q. What is the meaning of beach ?

Answer – Shore

Q. What is the meaning of paddling ?

Answer – Rowing

Q. What is the meaning of Holding ?

Answer – Grasping

Note :- Don’t use brother or sister with the word cousin.

For example – He is my cousin brother. ( Wrong )

He is my cousin.

She is my cousin sister. ( Wrong )

She is my cousin.

For such very short questions or objective type questions and answers from the poem A  Photograph, keep visiting this blog. We shall add some more questions in future. If you want us to add some more questions, you can write to us using comment box below.

These questions are very important as far as the exam is concerned. You can also transform these questions in to MCQs ( multiple choice questions ) if you want or if the circumstance demands this.  Till then bye.

Best wishes for your exam.

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